Experts Share Know-How at the “intive Automotive Congress”

On November 19, 2021, the intive automotive management invited the entire team for an internal technology fair. Nearly 400 associates had the opportunity to discuss innovative projects intive is working on, as well as talk about exciting trends that are shaping the future of the automotive industry.

The annual event is an important part of intive’s internal knowledge-sharing culture. Known as "intive automotive holiday", it brings together intive’s employees from all over Germany (Regensburg, Munich, Ingolstadt and Stuttgart), Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.

Even though this year’s congress was only held virtually, it maintained its unique spirit of innovation and the highest level of expertise and offered the participants multiple fun activities. The management spared no efforts in exchanging internal know-how and sparking meaningful discussions.

After the welcome speeches by the intive management represented by Wolfgang Bodensteiner, Andreas Zachmayer and Lutz Hoeppner (MD), the associates had the opportunity to learn more about the current projects and technologies in the company in a number of parallel full-day sessions. During the breaks they also had a chance to visit a large virtual fair. And, last but not least, talks by two guest speakers perfectly rounded off the program.

Ever since intive automotive became part of the intive-group in 2020, the company's range of services has grown considerably. This year’s congress is yet another confirmation of how the merge has helped to strengthen intive’s automotive offering. In their speeches and follow-up discussions, intive’s software experts covered all forward-looking industry topics, such as Autonomous Driving, Artificial Intelligence, HMI and everything related to Automotive Software Engineering – covering the "digital car” theme from A to Z.

In addition to focusing on intive’s domain and engineering expertise, the speakers also emphasized the power of design and its significance in supporting the creation of game-changing products and services in the automotive sector.

All the presentations and fruitful discussions impressively demonstrated how innovative, future-oriented and state-of-the-art the company is these days, and how it has benefited from the fusion and the resulting synergies. With its across-the-board competencies, intive automotive has become one of the most important development partners in the industry and the driver of digital excitement in the automotive sector.

In this spirit, we are looking forward to the next automotive congress in 2022. With many new technology innovations hitting the automotive industry, we can already predict it’s going to be just as thought-provoking and inspiring as the recent event!

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