intive Introduces Permanent Hybrid Work Model

Workplace flexibility has always been cultivated at intive: long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s employees could combine on-site work with the remote mode. The pandemic has expedited and strengthened this work model, which is soon to become an official company policy: from September 2021 on intive is going to switch step by step to a permanent hybrid work model in nearly all its locations.

Tuning in to employees

At the end of 2020, intive conducted surveys and workshops with employee focus groups. The company has assessed the remote work model implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic and examined the needs and preferences of employees regarding work organization after general restrictions are lifted.

Over 60% of intive’s employees declared they would prefer not to return to offices on a permanent basis. The vast majority, as many as 80% of people, opted for a flexible model, which leaves them freedom to choose the place of work. To meet these expectations, intive has decided to introduce the hybrid work model as a future permanent alternative.

The new model offers comfortable and effective solutions both in the area of ​​onboarding, project kickoffs, as well as regular project work and cooperation with clients in the office (workshops, meetings).

- The hybrid work model, which we are currently implementing, will give employees great flexibility, while providing them with a sense of belonging to the company at the same time. We know from our surveys and interviews that the feeling of belonging to a team and close contacts with colleagues are among the most important aspects for intivers. - said Adrianna Chrobak, HR director of the Polish intive branch.

Adapting the workplace

intive’s offices will completely change their character, offering convenient solutions for all employees, regardless of their preferred work model. They will transform into a space that enables comfortable work for those who need concentration and silence, and will provide zones for integration and business meetings or recruitment at the same time.

- In order to cultivate our culture, we are not giving up our regular workshops and events. We are also planning to introduce new meeting opportunities. Face-to-face contact is still the best way to meet other people and during the pandemic we missed that a lot. - says Adrianna Chrobak.

To guarantee the best possible conditions for hybrid work, intive is expanding its training offer as well as tools and solutions that facilitate fully remote and combined work. Employees can also count on support in improving their skills in remote communication and time management.

Ensuring the right equipment and benefits

Currently, the company is working on raising the standard of available laptops, monitors and peripherals to guarantee full comfort for employees both when working from home and on-site. On top of that, each employee will be able to choose from among additional available benefits: a mobile phone, an unlimited modem with the Internet, financial compensation, or vouchers to be used in one of the online food ordering services.

The current offices will also be partially redesigned to reflect the new needs. As part of the hybrid work model, hot desks will be installed in the company's locations, equipped with 27-inch monitors with a built-in docking station. Both hot desks, conference rooms and parking spaces will be bookable via a special application.

Staying safe and compliant

intive’s goal is to provide all employees with an equal and consistent ‘hybrid working’ experience. The company’s official guidelines have been developed to ensure that all employees can enjoy the benefits of a flexible work style.

However, the current pandemic situation is still highly unstable in many countries, so the introduction of intive’s hybrid work model in different locations depends on local safety laws and regulations. The company continues to monitor local health data and constantly keeps track of government requirements to determine how and when our offices can safely accommodate employees on-site. So far, intive’s hybrid model slightly varies in each country of operation, but the core principles, as well as communication practices, remain uniform across all locations and time zones.

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