intive_People: 5 Questions to Corinna Bäumel

intive is us. We come from different backgrounds, specialize in multiple fields and use various tools and languages. In this series of short interviews we introduce intive’s professionals by revealing how they work, what they do in their free time, and what drives them in life.

  • Name:  Corinna Bäumel 

  • Location: Regensburg 

  • Role: Account Manager, Automotive 

  • Favorite app: Flipboard (news app) and Spotify – I can’t really decide. 

  • Currently watching: BetterCall Saul and Queer Eye

  • Currently reading: Too Much and Never Enough – How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man by Mary L. Trump (a book about Donald Trump written by his niece)

What does a business mindset come down to?

If you have a business mindset you walk through life with your eyes wide open. You notice the challenges people have and come up with economically sensible solutions – true to the motto "every problem is an opportunity". One of my former professors always repeated a mantra: “You have to create benefits for others in order to reap benefits yourself.”

Where do you see the most interesting change in the sector you support?

Personally, I find the blurring of industry boundaries very exciting – in the automotive sector the keyword here is Mobility as a Service. Both on the corporate side, where car manufacturers and service providers now go hand in hand, and on the consumer side, where consumers are focusing less and less on specific means of transport and are instead looking for end-to-end solutions that will get them from A to B. Depending on the situation, they want to ride, or mix rides by a car, bus, train, bike, e-scooter or maybe soon an air taxi.

Who was your childhood hero?

Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking. She is so self-confident, independent and takes her life into her own hands. She is very strong (also physically) and yet she never abuses her power but always uses it for the good. And even though she has no parents around and her life is everything but what you would call “normal”, she is happy and optimistic all the time. She still inspires me.

What’s your superpower?

…that is a tough question. I guess it’s listening. For some reason, people often approach me and pour their hearts out. Sometimes to get advice and sometimes just because they need someone to listen. As listening is one of the main tasks of an account manager, I’m probably in the right line of work…

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned this year?

That education is EVERYTHING. I mean, we all know and like to repeat how important proper education is. However, the scale of this year’s COVID-19 conspiracy theories, which came at the cost of human lives, left me puzzled and worried. The only way to fight them is with science and research. And for more people to believe in science, we need education accessible and affordable for everyone.

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