intive_People: 5 Questions to Tahir Khan

intive is us. We come from different backgrounds, specialize in multiple fields and use various tools and languages. In this series of short interviews we introduce intive’s professionals by revealing how they work, what they do in their free time, and what drives them in life.

  • Name: Tahir Mahmood Khan

  • Location: Wroclaw

  • Role: Senior QA Engineer

  • Expert at: Software Testing & Automation

  • Favorite app: Counter Strike Global Offense

  • Currently watching: YOU - a series on Netflix

  • Currently reading: ​​​​The Signal & The Noise by Nate Silver

How would you describe the QA job to someone from another planet?

Assuming the person wouldn’t be speaking/understanding my language, I’d go for a graphic demonstration. I’d show not only how QA tasks should be done, but also explain the need to always keep in mind reliability, ease, and time and resources while never messing up the main job required.

Is the relationship between QA and programmers antagonistic in any way? What are your experiences?

It’s one of the biggest stereotypes. However, I must admit it depends on the team you get to work with, as people and their mindsets establish this relationship. Being a QA, sometimes you may find yourself surrounded by programmers who tend to show opposition towards your opinion. Nevertheless, I believe that it should always be treated as a positive challenge, an opportunity to prove yourself worthy, based on your authentic findings. There are programmers who are well aware that a QA’s opinion is always worth taking into consideration. You just need to be consistent with your work and present authentic stuff for everyone to be on the same page.

What do you like the most about your job?

I like the part of my job where I feel like a member of a big family in which everyone adds value, and my contribution makes a difference. I like to think that my engagement is ultimately making software more stable, trustworthy and reliable for its users. And of course, appreciation makes the day even better and gives me positive motivation to excel at my job.

If were to replace the word "bug", how would you name a software glitch? And why?

I would replace the word “bug” with “fudge” – I like some charm in our daily routine. Would be nice to report new fudges 😉

What is the best place in the world you’ve ever been to?

The best place in the world for me is the House of Allah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia where I wish to go one day. Other than that, I visited many EU countries and the best so far for me was Budapest, Hungary. I loved its old historical architecture.

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