intive people: Andreea Banciu, Technical Writer

Name: Andreea Banciu

Location: Bucharest

Role: Technical Writer

Expert at: telling people what to do

Favourite app: TikTok

Currently watching: reruns of M*A*S*H* to play M*A*S*H* trivia with my friend

Currently reading: The Time Wanderers, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

How would you describe the Technical Writer job to someone from another planet?

On Earth, we are the ones who teach humans to use spaceships such as the one you used to visit us. :D

All jokes aside, technical writers help everyday people use everyday products. We create clear instructions to help users become accustomed to the products they use and, well, get the most of using them, under safe conditions.

Of course, to deliver up to standards, we are constantly learning and improving ourselves, in our effort to provide the best documentation to our audience.

Do you have a work shortcut or productivity hack?

Over the years, I have struggled with an attention deficit, which I have overcome by breaking my workload into small chunks and tackling them one by one.

I always start off with the most difficult stuff and reward myself with the easier tasks.

What TV series won't let you sleep until you finish the season?

I will forever be the greatest fan of a very old-school TV show, which really stood the test of time: M*A*S*H*.

My latest binging session was all about Bosch, the detective hardened by life, who basically does anything and everything to protect his daughter. The lead is played by Titus Welliver who is the perfect fit for the smart detective with hero vibes.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would take some time to myself, and I would get back to writing and reading full time.

There are a million stories that wait for me to share and a million books that wait for me to read them.

Also, I would definitely become a gourmet traveller! I adore travelling to various countries and tasting their cuisine.

Name 3 things that you like the most about being a Technical Writer at intive.

The project, the team, Bookster. 😊

The project I am working on has been a massive learning opportunity for me, both product-wise and skill-wise. I discovered new abilities and I learned how to look at the big picture when it comes to a complex solution.

I joined Intive during the pandemic, so my opportunities for human contact were rather limited. My team stepped in, made me feel welcomed, and helped me overcome the deep sense of isolation that collaborating remotely with people I’d never met gave me. They gave me the support I needed to adjust to a new way of working and communicating and I will forever be grateful for that.

Bookster is a local library service, which delivers books to your office or home. You read them, return them and peruse their offer for a new batch. I absolutely adore it.

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