intive people: Joanna Szuba, Senior QA Engineer

Name: Joanna Szuba

Location: Poznań

Role: Senior Quality Assurance

Specialist Expert at: knowledge sharing

Favourite app: Apple Books

Currently watching: Our Flag Means Death 🏳️‍🌈

Currently reading: ‘Nic się nie działo’ T. Markiewka

1. Is the relationship between QA and programmers antagonistic in any way? What are your experiences?

In my opinion – no professional should ever perceive their co-workers as antagonists. This is not a superhero’s movie 😉 There were, of course, some programmers telling me that I’m not helping, or some programmers ‘nagging’ or ‘complaining’, but I don’t find think that attitude is professional. Programmers should not take any software-related remarks personally. We are a team; my objections are formulated for the greater good. 😉

2. If you could replace the word "bug", how would you name a software glitch? And why?

The term ‘bug’ was introduced by Margaret Hamilton, the holy mother of all ladies in tech. I don’t think I’m smarter than her. Jokes aside: in my opinion ISTQB syllabus term ‘defect’ is exact and descriptive.

3. How would you describe the QA job to someone from another planet?

To be honest, I don’t need to describe my job to any extraterrestrial individual – my grandma constantly asks me: ‘Sweetie, what do you do for a living, in particular?’. One might think that I would answer that I care about software quality, but that’s not quite true. I would never say that because quality is a common responsibility within a team. So, what do I do? Mostly, I verify functional and non-functional requirements which means my pledge is to ensure that an application under development does the things it is supposed to do and doesn’t do the things that it is not supposed to do. And that it works smoothly.

4. What is the best place in the world you’ve ever been to?

There’s no such thing like ‘the best place’ for me. I genuinely enjoyed my vacation in Budapest, I’m kind of an architecture nerd and museum enthusiast. On the other hand, I was absolutely delighted by Burgas on the Black Sea shore – the views (more like Views with capital V), the wine and all the peeping seagulls stealing snacks from me. And last but not least – my family city, Poznan. With all those great vegan eateries, Art Nouveau buildings and amazing lakes within the city, it’s just a wonderful place to live.

5. What do you like the most about your job at intive?

<looking at rainbow intive sticker on my laptop>

I feel that the thing I value most in intive is our spirit. Inclusivity and diversity are important to me. From code of conduct, through company LGBT spokesperson, to Pride Month webinars – the company supports LGBT employees in many ways. In addition, our parties and other bonding activities are swell.

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