intive people: Liviu-Florin Rotaru, Lead Python Engineer & Scrum Master

Name: Liviu-Florin Rotaru

Location: Bucharest

Role: Lead Python Engineer & Scrum Master

Expert at: Scrum

Favorite app: YouTube (It can you both entertained and educated)

Currently watching: Peaky Blinders

Currently reading: One Minute Manager

What are the newest important concepts in Python?

When talking Python, you cannot keep up with everything that is on the market. There is a wide variety of applications and domains where it can be used, from social media to medical devices.

For example, if you are into web development, Django framework continues to be the most popular, while for big data processing, Pandas library is the one of choice. You need to make sure you are up to date with the latest versions and functionalities added. I think if you master the Python basics and you have a good understating for the general concepts, you can learn any new concept that is relevant for your activity. There will always be a nice job out there for a Python developer with strong fundamentals.

As a Team Lead, what makes a good team?

Short answer: Trust and good communication.

I cannot stress enough how much one team can achieve if the members respect each other and have the courage to do the right thing. Having a team where people are helping each other is way more important than the technical capabilities of each individual, they will evolve and grow together. Exactly as Scrum says, all values emerge if there is trust. I need to mention the importance of having a lead that feels like part of the team, someone you can count on whenever needed. The lead status should come from the fact that it is a member that helps the team with external relations and should not be viewed like an authority you report to. I personally embrace the concept of servant leadership.

Do you use agile techniques in your personal life?

Not so much the agile techniques, as I do not organize my personal tasks and fun activities in sprints for example 😊, but for sure some of the values that emerge from trust (respect, openness and courage) are something that help me to have good relations with family and friends.

What character from a book or a movie would you like to go for coffee or beer with?

Although it is not my favorite superhero, I think I would enjoy the most a beer with Iron Man, his intelligence, fine humor and passion for technology will definitely keep me entertained 😁

What is the most exciting part of working at intive?

It’s the colleagues I work with, because the company culture is indeed people oriented. I personally feel like my work is valued and the management trusts me.

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