At intive, We All Work Hybrid!

You know best where you work well. At intive, you can work from home or from your office! Even though we usually work remotely, we care about team relationships and keep in touch. It's important to see each other from time to time at the office, despite the tough times.

In the spirit of effective collaboration, we created the "Hybrid Office" project, where we have designed the entire remote working system, but also changed the organization of work in the office and adapted tools and benefits. In the employee survey, as many as 80% said they would like to work in a hybrid model, and 60% prefer remote work! Listening to the employees' needs, we created opportunities for flexible work. This model enables employees to be flexible while providing them with a sense of belonging to the company.

"In the surveys and interviews we conducted among our employees, it is the sense of belonging to the team and close contact with colleagues that are among the most important aspects of their work. To nurture our culture, we will continue to organize regular workshops and events. Face-to-face contact is still the best way to get to know another human being and, during the pandemic, we missed it a lot." - notes Adrianna Chrobak, HR Director of the Polish branch of intive.

What is it like to work with us?

The office is a meeting place

We care about meeting offline from time to time, talking, and taking care of relationships in teams. If there is a possibility, we meet in the office during project kick-offs, onboarding, Meet.Me - one to one performance evaluation meetings with managers, and project Pizza Days and team integrations. Excitement is the best engine for action, so we want to share it!

Hot desk

The space has been reorganized to provide room for hot desks, but also common space and creative work rooms for projects. It's important for us to create not only a friendly environment for remote work, but also in the office. Any employee can use the office by reserving a desk in the app. It is also quite a convenience in a pandemic. Depending on the number of illnesses in a country, a certain number of desks are available in the office. Safety is high on our priority list!

Home office set

Effective remote working requires the right conditions. Each employee has received a "home office set" which is a set of equipment that will enable us to work comfortably. These are quality laptops, high quality headsets, and monitors. We want to make the most of our skills!


You can choose from a different options, we offer an extra ‘hybrid office benefits’ cafeteria in addition to the regular benefits, such as: telephone, modem with internet, meal subsidies etc.

In addition, we have organized several initiatives that boost creative spirit and strengthen relationships within the team. We want to share our digital excitement every day, even though we work from different places in the world!

Quick espresso - these are 15-minute meetings in a "virtual kitchen", through Microsoft Teams, which let us meet random people from our company.This way we can get to know people we don't work with daily. All you have to do is sign up, and you might get to meet our CEO for coffee, for example!

Remote Meditation - Every Friday, our employees can participate in 15-minute online meditation sessions.

Stay Home - these are lifestyle groups on Microsoft Teams. We share our passions there, e.g. Pet Lovers, Food Lovers, Flower Power, talk about books, movies, or board games. Willing people publish inspiring content on the groups that encourage the team to talk and socialize.

Working remotely doesn't have to mean being a lone wolf. We want to make life easier and work flexibly while building a close-knit team at the same time. Also, we still like to work in the office just to meet and to spend some time together!

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