intive_People: Jakub Jewłoszewicz, Cloud Solutions Architect

intive is us. We come from different backgrounds, specialize in multiple fields and use various tools and languages. In this series of short interviews we introduce intive’s professionals by revealing how they work, what they do in their free time, and what drives them in life.

  • Name: Jakub Jewłoszewicz

  • Location: Wrocław

  • Role: Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Expert at: Puttting together the puzzle of public cloud

  • Favorite app: Twitter, for a quick access to the latest & relevant news

  • Currently watching: Ozark, Season 3 on Netflix

  • Currently reading: The Stand by Stephen King

Why is everyone talking about cloud technologies?

So many businesses of all sizes have cloud technologies on their roadmaps these days. There are indeed various reasons for cloud adoption e.g., larger enterprises may benefit from significant bottom-line savings to their IT infrastructure costs, whereas smallish startups may increase agility reasonably quick and offer their services globally.

From a developer's point of view, public cloud platforms have democratized the software development process by maturing its service offering and supporting more and more tools, programming languages, and delivery models. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - you name it, cloud services come in different flavors.

IMHO cloud may easily be the #1 overhyped tech buzzword these days meaning anything from "modern" to "efficient" to "global". Or simply "better".

How would you best describe your mission as a cloud expert?

It's twofold. Firstly, it's to convert technical requirements into cloud computing architectures hosted in the public cloud and including the front-end components, servers, storage, delivery and networks required to manage cloud storage. Secondly, it's to optimize them for performance, scalability, reliability, extensibility and cost.

Are there any cloud myths you’d like to bust?

"Cloud is secure/unsecure" – that's a deceptively simple statement. I wish it were that simple! Not long ago, cloud services were perceived as less secure alternatives to the on-premises capabilities. However, cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud vendor and you as a cloud service consumer.

Even though cloud vendors invest significantly in securing their platforms, your data and your workloads are as secure as the security controls you employ. Rule #1: develop a security-first cloud mindset.

How do you wind down after work?

Well, everyone has their own unique way to relax. In my case, it’s reading books. Taking full advantage of small pockets of time helps me feel more relaxed. I always like to do something useful such as small home fixes, exercising, or learning something new. Also, I always try to make time for chatting with my loved ones and friends, and being out, in nature, whenever possible.

It’s been a year since we’ve switched to remote working. How do you cope?

Well, in my case, remote work is something I do for a longer while now and it has started for me way before the pandemic. Actually, I handle it quite easily. The key is to set the work/life boundaries in place and one of the most important things is having an after-work unwind routine. My free time starts with powering off my laptop right after work.

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