Nubi and intive: The

Journey of Jointly

Developing Game-

Changing Fintech


The partnership between Nubi and intive has resulted in a high-value fintech software design, and they are working together to introduce many more game-changing products in the corporate space.


Nubi, one of the leading fintech companies in Argentina, partnered with intive in 2017 with the goal to transform from an account-based digital bank into top-notch fintech product in Argentina. After 5 years of collaboration, Nubi has experienced a complete digital transformation, turning into one of the leading financial technology providers in the country.


Nubi, the Argentinean FinTech was founded in 2017 with a strong commitment to financial inclusion. It believes in the power of new technologies to make simple and affordable human-centric products.




Back-end development, solution architecture, product design, front-end engineering, UX, and QA. Tech stack including React, Python, Java, Flask, Fastapi, Sqlalchemy, Postgres, Mongo, Docker, Redis, and Rabbitmq. “Under the Hood”: AWS Cloud, Kubernetes, and Blockchain.

Unlocking Business Potential with Digital Innovation

Shortly after Nubi was born, intive became its end-to-end technology partner, providing unwavering support throughout their go-to-market journey. Working with a function-driven ethos and customer-focused approach, this strategic alliance has led to the building of Nubi´s flagship product: an intuitive and affordable eWallet that in the present day has more than 163,000 active users.

As a step forward in this collaboration, Nubi was able to transition to a B2B model while maintaining the exceptional quality of its B2C products. This enabled the company to cultivate customer loyalty and build lasting relationships with its clients through agile delivery of groundbreaking solutions.

Tech Labs for Cutting-Edge Products

With the goal of bringing innovative products to life and providing users with exceptional experiences, Nubi has established its own technology lab. intive engineers worked together with Nubi's dev team, offering their expertise in strategic decision-making and product design whenever necessary. Conducting all Scrum ceremonies, engineers are currently organized by features – such as Banking, Payments, Remittances, and Operations-, with cross-competencies within each group.

Product development usually starts with Nubi introducing ideas for Proofs of Concept, which are then analyzed and refined by the engineering team to determine the most feasible approach. In many cases, this requires the exploration of new tools and self-training, followed by its definitive implementation. Throughout this process, intive experts strive to find a balance between business objectives and technological considerations, to achieve the best possible outcome.

Nubi Cuenta: an intuitive and affordable eWallet

Nubi Cuenta: an intuitive and affordable eWallet

Nubi Cuenta: an intuitive and affordable eWallet

Nubi Cuenta: an intuitive and affordable eWallet

Nubi Cuenta: an intuitive and affordable eWallet

Nubi Cuenta: an intuitive and affordable eWallet

Nubi Cuenta: Delivering a Word-Class E-Wallet

With the support of more than 30 engineers during the development stage, intive was an instrumental ally in building the first-ever tap and pay, VISA-integrated world-class e-wallet in the region. Nubi Cuenta helps users conduct transactions, such as paying for products and services, making and receiving transfers, and saving money, in a more secure, cost-effective, and efficient way.

Leveraging native mobile technologies, the intive team was involved in the entire project, from the PoCs to the emergence of the finished cutting-edge app. Nubi’s mobile wallet was the first service in the country integrated with prepaid VISA international and the only one to offer Samsung Pay for Android. Among other exciting features, it offers a first-class customer experience for users, including face recognition with FacePhi, Near Field Communication tokenization, KYC verification, and PayPal integration.

Focused on narrowing the gap between the unbanked and the banked, Nubi Cuenta became one of the most outstanding user-friendly hubs for the promotion of financial inclusion in Argentina.

Nubi Z: Transforming Employee Benefits through Strategic Collaborations

In the last few years, Nubi has focused on expanding its product portfolio with business-oriented solutions. As a result, Nubi Z came on the market, revolutionizing the way companies offer benefits to their team members.

Through Nubi Z, a business can make agreements to assign a “debit card” to its employees, giving them the possibility to choose from a wide variety of benefits through it. Once the company has transferred funds to a Nubi account and the employee lists have been integrated, the funds can be distributed to the employees.

To make this possible, intive's engineers have investigated how to segment money allocation to configure that each employee has access to certain benefits in specific stores and categories according to their profiles. Through the implementation of microservices, the dev team has successfully modified the dispersion process and the update of debit cards.

Currently serving more than 23,000 users, Nubi Z stands out for being a very profitable product in terms of implementation time, and a customizable solution for its customers. As a result, employers can tailor their benefits to fit the specific interests of their team members in a fast and practical way.

Key Cooperation for Venturing into New Waters

Fueled with enthusiasm for the growth of the fintech sector, intive continues applying its great engineering expertise and best industry practices to take Nubi´s ambitious projects to their highest competitive versions.

“The intive team understands our needs in the high-demanding FinTech sector, which has allowed us to develop solutions at the cutting edge of e-transactions. We are grateful for their attentive support and are excited about what this collaboration holds for the future”.

Pablo Daniel Chiesa, CIO

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