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Currently, 6% of intive employees are Beginners. By the end of 2022, we want to increase this number to 10%, equally across all our business locations. To reach this goal, we are launching the educational project intive Academies! 

What are intive Academies?  

At intive, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience. Inspiring collaboration is the best way to create brilliant innovation. The new invite Academies initiative will not just provide opportunities for people who want to work in IT, but will become a place where tech enthusiasts can exchange ideas, share experiences and grow together. In the coming months, we will be running various initiatives to support the recruitment of people with little experience in each of our locations.  

For us, a "Beginner" is not only a university graduate but also a person who changes the career field and wants to start working in IT. We want to create attractive development opportunities and give employees space to learn new skills in practice, on real projects, including commercial ones. Learning by doing works best!  

When you join us...  

We plan to create a training and evaluation system within intive Academies that will make the development of new employees structured. Mentoring will also be an important part of the Intive Academies program. Future employees will receive support from an experienced employee who has already gone through this path. In our team, you will learn the essential knowledge and competencies to become a specialist within a couple of months.   

We value long-term relationships.  Both with our clients and with our employees. Development counts, therefore we plan to create a remuneration system that will encourage you to acquire new skills and work in our team as long as possible.   

What do we offer?  

  • with our courses you will gain IT, language and soft skills  

  • structured onboarding to the company    

  • mentoring support from an experienced employee  

  • work in projects that reflect the realities of the market  

  • structured path of development and promotion  

  • the work environment that promotes the development  

  • Beginners community   

How does it work in practice?   

One of the programs that we have run within intive Academies is Patronage, which works in Poland. The next edition will start soon, with about 160 trainees! This is an educational program where everyone is welcome - regardless of age, education, or previous work experience. We are looking for people who will be able to work with us full-time after finishing the program.   

Skills are teachable, but attitudes and values are not. What matters to us is commitment, motivation to learn, and effective communication. We're looking for people's potential - you don't have to be a technology whiz to join our team! We'll be announcing more intive Academies initiatives soon!

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