intive_People: 5 Questions to Melisa Beatriz Cerda

intive is us. We come from different backgrounds, specialize in multiple fields and use various tools and languages. In this series of short interviews we introduce intive’s professionals by revealing how they work, what they do in their free time, and what drives them in life.

  • Name: Melisa Beatriz Cerda

  • Location: Buenos Aires

  • Role:  Junior Front-End Developer

  • Expert at: React

  • Favorite app:  Solitaire

  • Currently watching: El caso Alcàsser (The Alcàsser Murders) on Netflix

  • Currently reading: ​​​​I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara. I’m a true crime stories fan!

What is the hottest front-end tech these days? 

Right now, I’m working with TypeScript in one of our projects, and I think it’s great! It leaves our code much more organized and less prone to errors. Besides, explicitly defined data structures and type annotations in TypeScrip make it much easier to understand and work with, even for newly onboarded developers. It can be a real time-saver for distributed teams!

What is a key attribute of a great UI, in your opinion? 

First of all, it must be easy to use. Secondly, the actions I want to perform have to be clear: the worst thing UI can do is to leave me confused. I also value a lot when it’s pleasing to the eye and nice (I enjoy all visual things!). 

What's your favorite front-end hack?

I love console tricks, and taking the good old console.log one step further. My favs are console.table and console.assert.

What’s your favorite comfort food? 

Chocolate chip cookies accompanied by a big cup of tea with milk and honey.

What's on your "bucket list"? 

Composing my own music and performing it in front of a crowd. Other goals include a journey to Moscow and biking across the Seven Lakes Route (near Bariloche, south of Argentina).

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