intive_people: Alina Babiracka, UX Designer

intive es nuestra comunidad. Cada persona cuenta con una historia única, se especializa en áreas múltiples y maneja distintas herramientas y lenguajes. En esta serie de entrevistas cortas vamos a presentarte a profesionales de intive mostrando cómo trabajan, qué hacen en su tiempo libre y cuáles son sus pasiones.

  • Name: Alina Babiracka

  • Location: Wrocław

  • Role: UX Designer

  • Expert at: Mazda MX-5/Miata :) Regarding work, my favourite part of being a UX designer is research and conducting usability audits. I have a good eye for detail which comes in handy when working with apps.

  • Favorite app: Too Good To Go – saving food can be addicting.

  • Currently watching: Rojst ‘97

  • Currently reading: Kebabistan – rzecz o polskim daniu narodowym by Krystian Nowak. On the surface it‘s about Poland’s most popular type of fast- food, but the author uses it a pretext to tell personal stories of the ”kebab culture” people , both Poles and immigrants, working in the food service industry, all set against the backdrop of the current political climate in our country.

What are your top 3 favorite examples of amazing UX design?

One of them is Jamie Oliver’s funky knife set. I enjoy finding great UX “in real life”. I have my favorite knife (which, I guess, is a millennial thing – just like having your favorite stovetop burner or trash bag brand), but I’m always concerned about which knife should be used with which ingredient and application. Another one is Spotify. I enjoy discovering new music and their algorithms help me do it. I love that Spotify is… just there. It doesn’t require me to take too many actions. Even though its users create limitless playlists, it prepares custom-tailored playlists for any mood, time of the day or season, and does it really well.

Last but not least, Airbnb. I’ve recently discovered they’ve done a pretty big redesign (well, haven’t travelled much in the last 2 years). It runs smoothly, and finally offers flexible search (great for discovering new places and getting inspirations for your next trip!)

How can UX be socially cautious?

It should be inclusive and done with diversity in mind. UX is about providing the users with a positive experience, so making them frustrated when, for instance, they can’t read something, can’t click a button, don’t feel included, etc., is basically against UX principles.

What do you think will be the next big thing in UX design?

I think it may be personalized UX. I’m a big fan of Google Pixel phones and can’t wait for the new Pixel 6, which is said to learn about its user and adjust to their needs. In UX, it’s impossible to say that one size fits all. As I’ve already mentioned in my answer to the previous question – good UX should be inclusive, and personalization would be a great step towards making interfaces more user-friendly for people with different health conditions, disabilities or standard of living.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

I prefer not to use the “spirit animals” symbolism, as I consider it a sign of cultural appropriation. But if I had to choose an animal I identify with the most, it would be the raccoon – they are smart, resourceful, good at problem-solving, and seem to thrive in chaos. :)

Who would play you in a movie?

I must say I’m not really into movies and can’t recall a single actor. I guess such a movie would have to be an animated one, though, because I can’t imagine not having cars and dinosaurs in it, and that would be quite a hard combination to achieve in a live-action motion picture.

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