Spread Your Wings with DareIT (Based on a True Story)

It's been a year since the latest edition of DareIT, a mentoring program for women that helps newcomers enter the IT world. In 2021 we are proud to be joining the project again - as its Gold Partner.   

If your dream has been to pursue a career in the tech industry, but so far you’ve never had an opportunity or courage to really go for it, this program is tailor-made for you. The deadline for mentee applications is October 10, 2021. 

DareIT Mentoring Program is based on individual meetings of mentors and mentees who work together towards a mutual goal - from building the mentee’s professional portfolio to changing her career path. The statistics speak for themselves: As many as 65% of women found a job within two months from completing the program, and 100% of them declared they would take part in it again. There are 11 specializations to choose from, including UX design, data analysis, and frontend development.  

Behind the statistics are people, and their inspiring stories. Let us tell you just one a real-life example of how DareIT can make a difference in the lives of women who dream of a career in IT, but don’t know just where or how to start. 

Weronika’s inspiring story 

When the last year’s edition of Dare IT was being promoted by the company, Monika Kłokosińska, intive’s Frontend Developer from Poznań, decided to participate as a mentor. As her mentee, she chose Weronika Pawlak.  

„DareIT and my mentor, Monika, gave me something incredibly great. I started to believe in myself and found the answer to the most important question: Do I really have it in me to become a Frontend Developer? I massively needed this kind of support and guidance. Before DareIT I had almost given up on my dream. Monika helped me find the right direction in terms of what I needed to learn and pointed out what I was already good at. I consider those 4 months as the fastest progress in my professional development. DareIT has turned my dream into reality”, said Weronika. 

Soon after her adventure with DareIT, Weronika’s and intive's paths crossed again, and the reason was Patronage - intive's internship program. 

„I was looking for an internship to gain more knowledge. The DareIT community mentioned Patronage, so I didn’t think twice about it: I solved the two assigned tasks and applied for it. It's not easy to get your first job with no experience under your belt, so the application process involving assignments was a great way to test my skills and prove that I was ready to start working as an intern”, she recalls. 

Weronika’s progress impressed everyone so much, that not only did she get the chance to complete her internship, but as it came to a close, she was offered a job as a Junior Frontend Developer!  

„After attending DareIT, Weronika applied for intive’s "Patronage" internship but, believe it or not, for a moment she had actually considered giving it up!  We encouraged her to give it a try, and not only did she give it a try, but she ended up being one of the top graduates. So, naturally, as is always the case with top candidates, we grabbed her, and offered her the job. As a recruiter, I had the opportunity to meet Weronika. I was moved by her inspiring story. The conversation was touching for all of us, myself and the Line Manager included. She’s turned her entire life around. I wish more women had that kind of courage! That's why this year, all of us together, Monika, Weronika and myself, are encouraging girls from intive to participate in DareIT”, says Monika Piasecka, Senior Recruitment Specialist. 

Take your chance now! 

DareIT is a great opportunity not merely for the mentees. The mentors also benefit from the program in a number of ways, perfecting the skills they already have, and developing new ones.    

„I got a huge dose of motivation and self-confidence. I felt that I could really help my mentee in a tangible way, I could actually be the person who made a difference in her life. This is not a feeling you get every day. Being part of a very motivated and warm community also gave me the impulse to continue self-development. It was so gratifying, watching the girls share links to events and trusted resources for learning”, says Monika Kłokosińska.  

With the first successful attempt behind her, she’s joining DareIT again this year, along with three other colleagues from her office who were similarly impressed by Weronika’s success story. We are very proud of them for supporting this initiative  and would like to encourage as many women as possible to participate in the program.  Monika’s enthusiastic review says it all:  

„Go! You won't regret it! At the beginning of your IT journey any practical knowledge is priceless, and here you get the full package - one-on-one meetings with a mentor, webinars, consultations with HR. It is up to you to decide what to do during the meetings with a mentor – this will be your opportunity to focus on what you care about, and what you need. Apart from that, the whole Dare IT community is waiting for you, and they are eager to share their knowledge and experiences.” 

Remember, the cut-off date to apply to be a DareIT mentee is October 10. Be sure not to miss your chance!  

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