Data-connectivity: Customer engagement and road safety with Mein Auto

HUK-COBURG is a German insurer with over 12 million customers, a market leader in car insurance and a 10-time Focus Money 'Best Car Insurer' Award winner.
The leading German car insurer teamed up with intive to make the most of big data and telematics and create a mobile app for boosting customer engagement, facilitating risk evaluation and attracting digital natives – the next generation of car owners.
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Usage-based insurance analytics

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Mein Auto app leverages vehicle and user telematics to promote safe driving behavior through incentive programs that reward responsible drivers. With Mein Auto, HUK offers up to a 30% discount on car insurance contributions to those who drive safely. The collected data powers usage-based insurance analytics that enables the personalization customers love so much.

Mobile telematics on the move

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intive frontend and QA specialists made sure that Mein Auto runs seamlessly on Android and iOS smartphones, and communicates with the telematics sensor tag in the car. The sensor gathers information like acceleration, braking and steering behavior, and speed. Based on the collected data, the app keeps track of the driver’s journeys and displays the individual driving score that determines whether the customer is eligible for a discount.

Driving customer engagement

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Mein Auto features include a dashboard with the driver’s score, trip details, personalized driving tips to help reduce the risk of accidents, easy booking of car servicing within a partner network and an accident panel for calling emergency and assistance services. The incentive program paired with a thought-out UI encourages users to engage with the app – and the more customer interaction, the more brand commitment and valuable data for the company.

Future-ready concepts

Future-ready concepts 1200x600.png

Mein Auto stands for technical finesse. Attention to detail and a great level of trust between intive and HUK resulted in a reliable, scalable and flexible solution that meets high customer expectations, anticipates the data-driven revolution in a lagging industry and reaches approx. 208,000 daily active users just 6 months after the launch.

A real partner goes the extra mile and that’s exactly what we’ve experienced with intive. The team’s dedication to agile practices was something great to observe and, well, replicate. The agile consulting and expert recommendations we got in the process were substantial to the project.

Dr. Katharina Amann
Managing Director of Telematics at HUK-COBURG

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