Bayernwerk and intive get citizens actively involved in green energy transformation

Munich, September 21, 2022 –BayernwerkNetz GmbH, the largest regional grid operator in Bavaria, and intive, the global technology company, have created the ökoHeld app to actively involve customers in transitioning to renewable energy and maximize the use of green electricity during the conversion period.

Since renewable energies are generated locally and sometimes only at certain times of the day, they are subject to frequent fluctuations. Sharing information on the current and future energy supply, as well as the proportion of green electricity in the mix, is crucial to involve customers in maintaining grid stability and educate them on using renewable energy effectively. This enables customers to plan their own electricity consumption accordingly.

The ökoHeld app provides real-time data and intelligent forecasts to give users transparent information surrounding the production of regional green electricity. As well as offering a summary of the different energy sources, the app provides regional forecasts of the current weather conditions and those of the following three days. It also records the history of CO2 savings in the region and facilitates the planning of activities with energy-saving suggestions.

The app was jointly developed within four months, with intive’s team of experts in Poland, Germany, and Ukraine supporting Bayernwerk throughout the entire product life cycle, from conception and development to production and testing.

"In order to involve consumers more effectively in energy transition and to strengthen their understanding of their own energy consumption, we need user-centric digital offerings," comments Edipo Sipoli, Business Development Manager at intive. "The ökoHeld app combines high customer internal satisfaction with real business added value and, better yet, it even directly benefits the environment."

"As the largest regional grid operator in Bavaria, we see it as our responsibility to play our part in the transition to green energy," says FisnikMusai, Product Owner at BayernwerkNetz GmbH. "We would like to thank intive for the excellent cooperation and we look forward to continuing to take energy transition to a new level together.”

About intive

intive is a global technology company that combines deep industry expertise, user-centric design, and world-class software engineering. With its human-centric approach, intive creates digital products that empower users, deliver business value, and make an impact on society.

intive has over 20 years of experience innovating with customers across industries, including Technology, Media and Communications, Retail, Automotive, FinTech, and Telecommunications. By focusing on creating sustainable impact through digital products, intive has won the trust of leading brands such as Audi, BASF, BMW, Deichmann, Discovery, Facebook, Tandem, Paramount, and Vorwerk.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, intive is present across Europe and the Americas, with a diverse team of +3,000 people. 

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