Empowered Education: intive Employees Volunteer to Mentor Students

Providing cooperative education opportunities for young people has always been important for intive. The company runs an innovative partly remote internship Patronage  program in Poland, iNTENCE Academy in Germany, as well as the Nahual Educational Program in Argentina. In 2020, intive has decided to broaden the scope of its mentoring programs even more by joining the “Team project” initiative, organized by the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Learning at the Crossroads of Theory and Practice

According to the official study program, all third-year students at the Faculty of Electronics of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology must implement their final team projects by the end of the academic term. To give students a solid “real-world” training, the University invites representatives of different Polish companies and institutions to support the future engineers in completing this task. 

Working hand in hand with engineering experts, students can apply classroom knowledge to a real-world work environment. It’s a great opportunity for the young people to see what an end-to-end development process looks like and to leverage IT companies’ tools, methodologies and equipment.

The Guidance of intive’s Professionals

From March till June 2020, intive’s specialists Mikołaj Bochajczuk, Dominika Kokoryk, Kamil Kowalski, Krzysztof Machelski and Arkadiusz Mąkosa regularly volunteered time to share their professional expertise with four groups of students. Additionally, at the beginning of the cooperation, intive’s business designers Martyna Dzięciołowska and Michał Kordas conducted Scrum training for all mentees, teaching them how this software development framework is used in IT. 

Project topics were suggested by intive and reflected the tasks intive’s employees face on a daily basis. For teaching purposes, they were tweaked slightly to match the students’ skills and fit the time frame of one semester. Supported by mentors, each student team was responsible for designing one of the following solutions:

  • An app that designs the route of a chosen shape for runners and cyclists (e.g. geometric figure, house, etc);

  • Smart trash can - a mobile trashcan that tracks if someone throws rubbish in its direction and immediately moves to the certain location to “catch” it;

  • An app which allows assessing the quality of lighting in a vehicle, checking both brightness and direction of the car lights;

  • An application for automatic photo sorting with tagging, grouping and easy searching features.

The students’ strong academic background made them capable of quickly understanding the business contexts and issues to be solved. Provided with technical support and advice, all teams created well-researched and relevant projects within just a few months. 

Seeing young talented people in action and guiding them through IT pitfalls and shortcuts was an amazing experience. All students were fully involved in the tasks and showed both enthusiasm and high degree of professionalism.”– says Arkadiusz Mąkosa, Software Engeneeer at intive. 


More information about the “Team project”  initiative and detailed descriptions of students’ projects can be found here(Polish language version).

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