The end of the year is always a natural point to reflect on the past 12 months, a symbolic juncture between the past and the future. In 2019 we will be celebrating two decades of continuous development and refinement of that first venture that has later found its perfect partners, reliable investors and many rock-solid people, to become what it is now: a dynamic brand and a home to creativity and technology. To be able to dream even bigger and get closer to our British clients, we are now opening a brand new Design Studio in London. Brexit or not – meet us in Paddington.

Not by chance, by design

Design has always been a significant driving force in our global operations. Technology has helped us build upon bold visions sketched in our or our partners’ studios. Everything starts with that first spark and is later translated into words, images, values and eventually products that tell meaningful and irresistible stories. We are now shaping the future of services and product experiences at seven Design Studios located in: Berlin, Munich, Regensburg, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Szczecin and Buenos Aires. The London studio is our latest, exciting project and a crowning touch to our recent strategic moves.  

Good design is the cornerstone of good business, but to us, it’s more than that. We continue leveraging our creative expertise in both commercial and social projects, keeping in mind that whatever we do can have mind-blowing and far-reaching impact. Culture is a way of life defined by values. Being design-centric translates into responsibility towards (and for) these values.

Humanising and simplifying complexity

For me, it’s all about the dialogue. Staying in touch with reality, client needs and expectations, but at the same time looking beyond, in search for unexpected opportunities and interconnections that must not be overlooked. Design asks questions and challenges assumptions to position what could or may be, and not what is the reality. It affords the space to carve new ways of seeing, alternate solutions and worlds to reach.  

Being able to impact people’s lives at scale is a privilege and responsibility. Also, it takes much more than pure imagination. As I like to stress, we are talking about “a freedom to imagine and a rigour and skill to solve and build.” Grasping complexity is the greatest challenge, as much for designers as for anyone else. However, UX and business design affect our lifestyles in multiple ways and bring tangible change to masses. It’s not design-centric approach we are chasing here, it’s a human-centric one.

London calling

As digital technology becomes more embedded in our lives, homes and environments, our clients’ businesses face new emerging challenges – how to operate systemically, navigate complexity across disruptive forces and increasingly networked connections between people, objects, experiences and technology. At intive, we’re well-positioned to answer these challenges. Our experiences and capabilities backed by numerous projects delivered across industries, combined with our hybrid presence on the continent and in the Americas make us the perfect digital transformation partner.

Britain is intive’s 3rd largest market. We’ve built lasting partnerships with the region’s giants: Heathrow Express, Virgin Trains, Primark, RL360 and Tandem Bank, to name a few. We offer a perfect mix of nearshore and onshore services and a competitive advantage. The time has come to bring our designers closer to the dynamic British market.

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