For a Good Cause: Die Johanniter and intive Team Up to Make Donating Easy

Munich, Germany – April 28, 2022 – Die Johanniter, a European non-profit humanitarian organization, has partnered with intive to design and develop a new charity app. The solution will allow donors all over the world to manage their charitable giving easily, directly from their phones.

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. (German for "St. John Accident Assistance"), commonly referred to as Die Johanniter, is a voluntary humanitarian organization, which participates in international aid efforts in Europe and the Middle East. Being a part of the Johanniter International partnership, it aligns its activities with two overarching goals: to ensure immediate survival of people after disasters and to strengthen their resilience. The most recent projects, ran by Die Johanniter, include actions focused on prevention measures to protect people in different countries from infections and COVID-19 disease.

Keeping in pace with the times, Die Johanniter has joined forces with intive, a fast-growing global technology company, to create a dedicated mobile app which will facilitate the process of charitable giving and raise awareness of its projects among donors.

Created by the team of intive’s award-winning designers, the app will allow users to check all the information about Johannite’s ongoing projects, get guidance and manage their one-time or recurring donations in seconds.

“Our partnership with intive is particularly important to us as we strive to be closer to our contributors, update them on our activities and encourage them to donate. It is not just an app we’re working on – we aim at creating seamless, transparent, personalized donation experience for all the people that support us.” – said Hannes Wendler, Landesvorstand/Country Director at Die Johanniter.

Developed by intive’s front-end specialists in the cross-platform flutter technology, the app will be available both for iOS and Android smartphones. Besides being the contractor, intive has partially subsidized the project, covering 25% of the app’s development-related costs.

“COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge for everyone – including NGOs that are being confronted with lower levels of donations and increasing demand for their services at the same time. We are proud to support Johanniter in this endeavor and happy to make a positive impact by doing what we do best: blending our industry expertise and tech know-how to create great digital tools.” – said Stefan Reisinger, VP Sales – Head of Business Unit Emerging at intive.

About Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe

With around 25,000 employees, more than 40,000 volunteers and 1.2 million supporting members, the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe is one of the largest aid organizations in Germany and at the same time a large company in the social economy. Johanniter is involved in the areas of rescue and medical services, civil protection, care, nursing for the elderly and sick, transport services for people with restricted mobility, work with children and young people, hospice work and other charitable services, as well as humanitarian aid abroad.

The Competence Center for European Civil Protection of Johanniter, based in Frankfurt and Hamburg, is responsible for the activities of Johanniter in the civil protection procedure of the European Commission.

For many years, it has been successfully conducting the EU MODEX civil protection exercise series, also with partners, on behalf of the European Commission.

About intive

intive is a fast-growing global technology company and partner to the world’s leading brands providing people- centric digital products. As a driver of digital excitement, intive combines domain expertise, design and world-class engineering to accelerate business transformation of its clients and create game-changing products and services of tomorrow.

Driven by enthusiasm and innovation, intive adds value along the whole application lifecycle – from product conceptualization to CI/CD. The company’s rapidly growing operations include development centers, design studios and regional offices in Germany, UK, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Argentina and the US.

intive has over 20 years of experience innovating with clients across many industries, including Telecommunications, Retail, Automotive, FinTech, Transportation and Hi-Tech, Media and Communications. By focusing on creating end-user excitement in digital products, intive continually delivers unprecedented customer satisfaction and has won the trust of some of the world’s largest companies such as Audi, BASF, BMW, Deichmann, Discovery, Facebook, Tandem, ViacomCBS and Vorwerk.

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