intive joins the Thread Group and contributes to Google’s OpenThread

intive joined a global network of IoT innovators and is now a member of the Thread Group focused on international collaboration aimed at expanding Thread-based IP connectivity. The membership puts the company at the forefront in the field of future-proof solutions that enable smart automation of homes and commercial buildings. intive’s developers help further advance the technology by contributing to Google’s open-source implementation of the OpenThread networking protocol.

The concept of intelligent, connected homes and workplaces requires continuous effort for smoother software and hardware integration, and communication. Advancing IoT platforms to ensure easier device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity plays an important role here and Thread® is one such platform. Designed with ultra-connectivity in mind, it’s specifically aimed at battery-friendly, low-energy IoT devices such as door locks, cameras, thermostats or lights that communicate over a low-power wireless mesh network. Versatile and suitable for large-scale projects, it helps create truly functional, multi-vendor and multi-application connected ecosystems.

Backed by giants like Google, Siemens, Osram or Somfy, Thread is quickly becoming the leading wireless mesh networking protocol. It stands out from the competition as an IP-based and application agnostic technology that operates across entire networks and connects multiple end devices without requiring extra software or hardware. The list of Thread-certified products grows longer each day and so does the global community of developers enjoying access to the technology. Google plays a major role in popularizing the protocol. In 2016, Nest (owned by Google) released OpenThread, an opensource implementation of the Thread protocol, to further standardize communication between IoT devices and make the networking technology more available to developers worldwide. 

intive has been optimizing connectivity solutions in the automotive, home and smart devices domains for many years now. “We deal with various interfaces and networking protocols in projects maximizing the potential of connectivity in smart gadgets, wearables and whole complex IoT environments,” – says Przemysław Łopaciuk, Director Technology, Media & Telecoms at intive. “Recently, our developers leveraged Bluetooth Mesh capabilities in a large-scale smart lighting platform.” 

Now, intive’s embedded specialists add their expertise to one of the fastest growing technologies aiming to reduce fragmentation in the IoT market. By joining the Thread Group and contributing to the ongoing development of OpenThread intive stays on top of the latest advancements, bringing us closer to functional and easily controllable connected ecosystems at home and in the commercial market.

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