intive leveling up with Amazon Partner Network and Alexa skills

Ideas need room to grow. Cloud computing offers individuals and companies infinite space for instant development as well as foolproof performance for bold designs. intive cherishes this future-oriented technology by building cloud-based products and services for almost 10 years now. Amazon Web Services enable us to aim high and soar even higher. We are proud to belong to the Amazon Partner Network and now deepen our engagement by joining the Advanced tier and the exclusive company of agencies specialized in Amazon Alexa skill development in the UK.

Ever-expanding databases and organizational scalability are the two major factors behind the success of the cloud computing trend. However, the light, flexible architecture of cloudified solutions benefits our clients in countless ways. We design, develop and support systems that reduce costs, boost performance, help manage resources, enable product agility and drive innovation, industry by industry. Amazon Web Services provide infallible on-demand cloud computing platforms that support the growth of our partners and our own success stories. Our Consulting Partner journey has led us towards a significant number of AWS accreditations, certifications and customer references. Entering the Advanced AWS tier further expands our cloud competencies and matches intive’s booming business potential in enterprise applications and cognitive services.

Voice-first future

The AWS Cloud provides infrastructure for cutting-edge concepts that transform our lives. Voice interface technology is one of the emerging, game-changing ideas that meet new challenges. Amazon Alexa is among the pioneers in this field and intive is one of the fastest-growing Alexa skill development companies. We watch our partners’ businesses flourish with Amazon cloud-based voice services that satisfy modern users in their search for convenient and reliable solutions. Super easy train ticket bookings, automated meeting scheduling, charity donations, event ticket reservations – we make life easier for present and future smart living enthusiasts. Alexa, what’s next?

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