intive on the exclusive list of Roku’s recommended channel development experts

Roku, the streaming player pioneer, has just recognized intive as a trusted partner for the VoD sector and included us in their list of best-in-class software specialists. The client portfolio places intive in the league of digital consultants and providers with highly successful projects realized for globally recognized media & entertainment giants. With Roku’s impressive growth story on the US market and plans to ramp-up its hardware business in Europe, the American company is well on the way to connecting content publishers with new European audiences. intive’s expertise in new digital media software is the missing link.

When it comes to developing cutting-edge tech solutions and catering to the needs of millions of increasingly demanding media consumers worldwide, upholding quality and thinking big are two necessary components of any business strategy focused on digital media content delivery. Roku, the number one streaming devices producer, took the US market by storm offering a seamless TV experience that enables easy access to free content, such as a variety of digital TV players and YouTube as well as paid streaming services provided by Netflix, Amazon Video and Google Play. Roku aims to connect the entire TV ecosystem, revolutionizing the concept of home entertainment on demand. 

intive’s role in this digital revolution lies in providing content publishers with full platform integration. To leverage Roku’s popularity and reach new audiences, TV brands and service operators need to create so-called Roku channels. The development of such channels requires engineering expertise in Roku-specific scripting language – BrightScript. intive software engineers mastered the Roku Developer SDK and are capable of rapid custom channel implementation and introduction of any kind of media content to the platform.   

For early streamers, some 10 years back, Roku was mainly the way to connect Netflix with a TV set. Nowadays, the Roku ecosystem has become an “all-in-one” universal solution for home entertainment and intive – a digital transformation expert, is officially listed among just over 20 Roku-certified companies specialized in channel development.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Roku as a development partner in H1 this year having demonstrated success by effectively developing and launching channels on the Roku platform.” – says Laurence Mifsud, Senior Business Development Manager, Media & Communications.

"This step puts us in good stead with the media giant who powers 25% of smart TV's sold in the US market. We’re ready to support Roku in their European journey with TV broadcasters and VOD platforms." - Mateusz Przepiórkowski, VP Sales, Media & Communications, intive

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