intive Participates in the Red Hat Hackfest

The biannual Red Hat Hackfest is a collaborative hackathon that brings together Red Hat people and partners to create an end-to-end solution that addresses a specific real-world challenge.

For this event, the participants had to use their existing and new knowledge to create an innovative and measurable solution to a real-world manufacturing problem, based on cloud-native technologies such as RHEL for Edge and Quarkus as well as Data center technologies like Red Hat OpenShift®, Red Hat A-MQ, Red Hat A-MQ Streams, to name but a few.

The intive team were new to most of this technology, so the Red Hat Hackfest was the perfect opportunity for them to build and explore knowledge in the new technology areas and create a proof of concept solution that could be adapted to a number of problem domains.

The Hackfest lasted 5 weeks. The inaugural week was dedicated to daily enablement presentations which provided insights into the technologies used at the Hackfest and in their surrounding ecosystems; for the remaining four weeks the participants focused on the implementation of the solution, working with an edge device, the single node OpenShift, and, for a couple of weeks, the Quarkus code, respectively.

Throughout the four-week period, all team members were invited to attend technical “drop-in” sessions during which they received guidance from Red Hat experts and helped to build skills and co-develop solutions to cover use cases requested by the market. Alongside the technical sessions, the participants spent around 5 hours a week implementing the various components of the solution.

An in depth look at the project and a reference solution can be found at the Hackfest blog:

Well done to all involved!

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