intive Partners With Algolia To Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences

Munich, Germany – June 9, 2022 - intive announced today that it will officially partner with Algolia, the leading API-First Search and Discovery platform for websites and apps. This partnership will further strengthen intive’s ambition to support its clients in delivering the most dynamic and exciting customer experiences across all digital channels.

Algolia, an executive member of MACH alliance, empowers builders to compose experiences at Internet scale to predict what users want with blazing fast search and to create the best application browse capability leading to more remarkable discovery. 

"This alliance will provide our clients with a first-class digital experience for their customers. The e-commerce sector has been growing consistently and so has our participation. We’ve already recorded a related growth of 40 % in our portfolio in 2021," said Timo Kujawa, Director Client Engagement at intive. "Our partnership with Algolia is a perfect example of our commitment to always bring digital excitement into our customers’ projects through modern approaches, meaningful technology and outstanding user experience design." 

“We are delighted to partner with intive. Rather than rely on outmoded software, we are increasingly seeing enterprises choose our modern, API-First platform to drive business transformation through unique customer experiences, said Piyush Patel, Chief Strategic and Business Development Officer, Algolia. “Both companies share the vision of delivering amazing content discovery so that the right product, service, and content can drive outcomes the users desire at the moment it matters."

About intive

intive is a global technology company that combines deep industry expertise, user-centric design, and world-class software engineering. With its human-centric approach, intive creates digital products that empower users, deliver business value, and make an impact on society.  

intive has over 20 years of experience innovating with customers across industries, including Technology, Media and Communications, Retail, Automotive, FinTech, and Telecommunications. By focusing on creating sustainable impact through digital products, intive has won the trust of leading brands such as Audi, BASF, BMW, Deichmann, Discovery, Facebook, Tandem, Paramount, and Vorwerk.   

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, intive is present across Europe and the Americas, with a diverse team of +3,000 people.

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