intive people: Fabián Feld, QA Engineer

Name: Fabián Feld

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Role: QA Engineer

Expert at: Apps and API’s Testing

Favorite apps/tools: Those that can help me to play music

Currently watching: I think The Zone of Interest was very very good movie.

Currently reading: I just finished reading the novel Fortuna by Hernán Dìaz (some excerpts were very interesting).

What do you like the most about working at intive?

This is my second project at intive, and I'm a few months away from my third year at the company. One of the things I like the most is the opportunity to work in a team. It allows me to perform tasks in a much more creative way and, at the same time, to learn from others' perspectives on certain problems, especially those of developers.I often say that this approach is even more beneficial for the client. In many situations, solutions found collaboratively are richer and more creative than those found working alone.Additionally, teamwork creates a much friendlier atmosphere, and being able to have fun while working is something that I also value a lot.

Can you share a specific accomplishment or project that you're particularly proud of?

I certainly value and I'm proud of both projects in which I am and have been involved. Both the first one in which I found my clear interest in working and testing with API's using Postman and was the springboard to become a Supernova for Postman, and the current one in which I practically dedicate myself 100% to manual testing. I consider both options as important skills that I must develop and get experience in. My goal is to be able to grow in database, performing and automation testing.

What book or movie has influenced your life?

I could mention a movie or a book, but as I am a musician and music therapist, I prefer to mention one of my most admired musicians, Chick Corea, not only because I enjoy listening to him, but because he is a true creative and sound inspiration and I can extend the concept to different areas in my life and my profession, of course, is not an exception.

What best practices or habits do you attribute to your success?

In a way I expressed it in the first question. On one hand, teamwork and on the other, my eternal willingness to learn and teach. Actually, teaching is a "trap". I usually say that teaching is the best way to learn because to be able to do it you have to organize your ideas, improve them constantly, put yourself in the shoes of those who know nothing and must learn, look for new methods, arguments and examples, sort them progressively and carefully.

Were there any mentors or role models who influenced you?

Sure! I had, and still have, great colleagues at intive who supported me during the first months of each project. Their empathy and willingness to guide me through tasks have been invaluable. Many people have helped me to improve, enabling me to perform better in my tasks or inspiring ideas for the project, both internally and for external initiatives. I would also like to mention Proyecto Nahual and its teachers, the organization where I was trained as a tester and where I currently work as a teacher. Many times I feel it as my home; I keep training there, I keep learning, and I put my ideas into action.

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