Setting the Pace for Digital Excellence: Interview With Sławomir Kupczyk

Customers. It all starts here. For over 20 years, intive has been continuously earning the trust of some of the world's most recognized and popular brands in the automotive, media, retail, or high-tech sectors. Long-term business partnerships have proven our ability to understand our clients and their ever-evolving needs and challenges. intive’s customer satisfaction survey conducted earlier this Spring translates this trust into tangible numbers. One of the most effective and popular customer experience metrics is the net promoter score (NPS) – a tool first introduced in 2003 and today used by over two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies.

We’ve adopted the NPS metric and found that the services we provide are setting the pace for digital excellence: We’ve achieved an NPS score of +68. Can you elaborate on that?

intive was created from a merger of several companies and previously, customer satisfaction surveys were conducted fragmentarily in various parts of the organization. This year, for the first time we’ve decided to gather customer feedback in a structured way using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric. 

In general, the metric is very demanding: an NPS can be as low as −100 (all respondents are "detractors") or as high as +100 (when every respondent promotes the brand). At intive, we’ve scored +68 which is an exceptional result. The survey respondents who’ve provided us with feedback account for over 50% of our revenue.

What’s interesting, the survey revealed that our customers are satisfied with intive’s services in all sectors that we cover (consumer products, telecommunications, finance etc.) and all our delivery centers in Germany, Poland and Argentina. It means that we have consistent delivery and consistent customer experience across the company. 

It’s important to never lose sight of the basics. How do we ensure the quality of our services?

We adopt the best practices, learn from our mistakes and always act as partners in consulting and delivering solutions.

In the service business people are key. I believe that at intive we have the best talents. This applies not only to our engineering skills, as our employees combine technical expertise, design skills, and soft competencies.  We’re also proud of our people’s business acumen – you can be good in your domain, but are you a businessperson? That’s what makes a difference. Many intivers are great business analysts who truly understand our clients' needs and translate them into the best technological solutions out there.

The other important thing is diversification. We work in international teams on many projects, adopting best practices and learning from each other.

Last but not least – we aim to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services. It’s a road that never ends: We believe that customer service standards can always be improved and we strive to do better.

Do you think that company culture is a factor here?

Of course! A positive company culture translates into satisfied customers. At intive, we have an environment where every person can feel appreciated and respected. We foster transparency, honest feedback, sense of ownership and trust. We also give people space and opportunity for freeing up their creativity, and encourage them to broaden their knowledge through internal training, guilds, webinars. 

There is a lot of talk about customer-centricity: Every company on the planet wants to satisfy customer needs better than the competition. How do you define a customer-centric organization? 

Truly customer-focused organizations don’t limit their relationship with the customer to just one project or a single type of service. At intive, each service we provide is part of a larger whole, a process to continuosly improve products and accelerate services. We listen to our partners carefully and try to understand them and their business context better.

Based on the findings, we can advise our customers, come up with new ideas. The consulting aspect of our cooperation makes the relationships with our customers much, much stronger.  

Today, we’re present on 3 continents and work in 5 time zones. It’s probable that we’ll add more office locations soon. How does it work from an operations perspective?   

We’re close to our customers. In our sector, this customer proximity is very important. Not only territorial, measured in miles, but also cultural closeness. For example, one of our customers has one of their entities in Colombia. Having a great team in Argentina, we can leverage the same time zone, language, cultural similarities to better understand this customer and establish a great partnership. 

Of course, it’s easy for us to cooperate with companies remotely, and as a global powerhouse we practice this a lot, serving our clients all over the world. But the little things matter, this closeness gives an extra advantage, and our partners appreciate it.

Companies that act on information, learn fast and advance. What is your key takeaway from the survey results? 

The results we’ve achieved are excellent. I’m proud of intivers and their dedication. Survey results paired with our great performance prove that we’re on the right track.

In the most important IT industry report in Poland, Computerworld TOP200, intive has ranked as the largest software provider of tailored solutions and the largest software provider of IT solutions for media in the country for two consecutive years (2018, 2019). In the latest edition intive has also reached the top of the list with the widest portfolio of tailored digital services in Poland.

In addition, according to the German The Internet Agency Ranking 2020, intive is one of the largest and fastest growing companies focused on digital transformation and strategy in Germany.

As I’ve already mentioned: This road to full customer centricity never ends and there’s always space for improvement. We’re setting the bar high for ourselves. 

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