Sitecore MVP? I simply like what I do

Winning the Sitecore MVP award in Technology is exciting news. Winning it twice in a row is, well: simply great. My name is Lukasz Skowronski, and I’m a Principal Software Engineer at intive. Let me tell you how I found myself loving what I do and sharing this passion with others.

There are ideas that reflect changes in an industry and those that drive them. To me, discovering the Sitecore’s take on experience management meant more than just finding a useful set of tools. The revolutionary thing about their solutions is that they offer marketers a unique combination of valuable insights, which significantly facilitate communication with clients.

Usually, the more complex the data, the more advanced the technology to gather and process the ever-multiplying figures, AND the greater the need for an intuitive user interface. Sitecore has it all. The beauty of the brand’s software lies in the parallel positive experience. Everyone enjoys it: the devs, the clients and, as a result of smart personalization, the end customer.

The Sitecore promise

The company started in Copenhagen and since 2001 specializes in market-ready Content Management Systems. Focus on contextual and multichannel marketing is essential since the very beginning. Michael Seifert – the company’s CEO for 16 years – developed a unique method for collecting customer experience analytics data. His efforts resulted in a US Patent in August 2012. In the case of Sitecore, the claim is more than pure marketing. The comprehensive software they provide transforms data into insights that give brands an opportunity to truly own the experience.

Today, the most widely used Sitecore products are Sitecore Experience Platform™ and Sitecore Experience Commerce™. The first one offers a set of strategic digital marketing tools empowered by machine learning-generated insights, which help deeply personalize each customer interaction with a website. The second – supports e-commerce businesses and makes sure they easily connect people with products they like. A holistic view of customer needs is key, along with an individualized end-to-end shopping experience that lasts longer than the actual transaction.

All Sitecore tools, together with extra modules, sync beautifully. The products communicate with each other and applied together – create a complete and automated ecosystem that helps e-commerce thrive.

Becoming a Sitecore enthusiast

I’ve been a backend developer for more than 10 years. I’ve worked with Sitecore almost half this time. Must admit: it was love at first sight. I quickly became fascinated by The Sitecore Experience Platform and its almost endless possibilities. Being a Senior Developer, I really understood the importance of a comprehensive approach backed up by high-quality software.

Sitecore became my main focus in 2013. It took me a couple of years to gain proficiency in it and feel confident enough to share my knowledge. In 2016 I started a BLOG dedicated exclusively to Sitecore. In the meantime, I practiced my tutoring skills with Geek Girls Carrots (WordPress workshops for women) and Coder Dojo Foundation (basic programming skills for kids). I got to a point where explaining concepts and sharing my professional experience started bringing me joy.

Today I’m a full-time Software Engineer at intive, making the most of my Sitecore skills. I also lead the Sitecore User Group Poland and have two kids. On a daily basis, I find that 24 hours is not nearly enough to follow all my interests and future ideas. But dedicating my time to coding and spreading my enthusiasm for trustworthy software gives me huge satisfaction.

Members of SUG Poland try to meet as often as possible. Usually, we organize meetings once every two months. We share our thoughts and the latest Sitecore tips. I’m always there for those who seek expert advice.

Sitecore awards

Every year the brand recognizes thought leaders who implement their solutions and dedicate their time to consulting others and sharing their passion and knowledge. The winners are called MVPs, which stands for: The Most Valuable Professional. The title refers to sports – the most valuable players are usually chosen after a football or basketball game. As Sitecore puts it: it’s “an award to celebrate the most active Sitecore community members, who provide valuable online and offline expertise that enriches the community experience and makes a difference.” The award is given in four categories: to Technology Specialists, Strategists, Commerce Experts, and Sitecore Ambassadors.

The awards are held for 12 years now. Since the beginning it was usually American developers who ranked highest: the USA is a huge market for Sitecore and home to a large number of globally recognized software giants. But with time, European and Asian professionals caught up. To give you a fuller picture: this year Sitecore awarded 208 Technology MVPs and among them: 5 Belgians, 2 Chinese, 11 Indians, 17 Japanese, 20 UK citizens, 4 Poles, 4 Germans and 70+ Americans.

My Sitecore MVP title

When I opened an email from Sitecore, I felt huge satisfaction. Seeing my name among this international crowd of winners meant a lot to me. And that was last year. When I checked my mailbox this January – and found the same Sitecore letter informing me about the second award – it felt amazing. It’s an honor, and it’s super motivating.

Our Sitecore team at intive keeps on growing. We always search for the best brand experience solutions for our clients, and Sitecore platforms happen to be top-quality software.

I do believe that to create something valuable; one ought to like what he or she does. Everyday. So I’m going to continue my Sitecore journey. Let’s see what happens next year.

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