What does the future of the automotive industry look like? Interesting insights into the day-to-day project work of our Automotive BU and beyond the boundaries of the vehicle at the intive Automotive Congress 2023

Regensburg, May 4 2023 - For the eighth time, intive experts from the Automotive Business Unit shared their extensive expertise at the internal Automotive Congress in April. The event is an important part of our internal knowledge management.

On 21.04.2023, the management team invited the entire staff of intive's Automotive BU to the company's internal Automotive Congress. Already known in the team as the "automotive holiday", it’s an event where almost 350 global employees in automotive can learn about current projects, technologies and competences in the company. In addition, the focus on this day is on professional and personal exchange and networking. In addition to our location in Regensburg, our teams work remotely from various locations in Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Munich and Krakow.

The event took place in the new intive premises at the Regensburg TechCampus, through a planned hybrid event concept with parallel lecture series, workshops and a trade fair operation we implemented. Our Polish team joined a streaming viewing event in Krakow office and their participation was also possible remotely.

After the welcome intro by the management, everyone was able to learn about current projects and technologies in the company in four parallel lecture sessions by colleagues and for colleagues. In addition to current software and technology solutions in the automotive sector, impulses from our other business units stimulated exciting discussions. For example, there were discussions about how Entertainment and FinTech solutions will find their way into vehicles in the future and which megatrends will have a significant influence on the automotive industry. During the subsequent trade fair, colleagues were able to test an HMI demonstrator and find out about new functionalities in seat boxes.

An impressive lecture was also given by the external speaker Peter Rössger, who vividly demonstrated the relationship between humans and machines and ventured a look into the future. Rössger is a well-known visionary who makes his audiences think and reflect with gripping presentations and clear feelings.

After the final award ceremony for the best presentations and exhibitors, the team stayed for a get-together and continued the lively discussions.

It was an all-round successful event that impressively showed how innovative, future-oriented and "state-of-the-art" intive is today.  All of us are now looking forward to the next "Automotive Congress 2024".

Within the Automotive BU we specialize in the future of the automotive industry with all its challenges around software-intensive systems. We design intelligent mobility experiences that are driven by user empathy, research-based insights, rapid prototyping and an agile, interdisciplinary approach focused on delivering measurable results. UX/UI design integration makes users love their cars. We use modern technology to solve our clients' challenges, including artificial intelligence or machine learning, virtual testing, cloud realization, VR and AR.

The intive portfolio is complemented by the Retail & E-Commerce, Media & Telecommunications and FinTech divisions. As a global technology company, intive combines industry expertise, user-centered design and first-class software development.

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