Meet intive at MWC 2024

Meet with the intive team at Mobile World Congress 2024 to discuss how we can support you with your software engineering requirements.

Agile at heart, with high quality processes and technology expertise, intive is your trusted companion in navigating and accelerating innovation in the dynamic landscape of mobile technology.

Feb 26 – 29


9 AM - 5 PM


Fira Gran Via




Innovate to delight your customers

We're dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that delight our customers and empower them to thrive in the digital age.


intive provides seamless experiences that enable businesses to better serve their customers with fast connectivity and enhanced capabilities.

Manufacturing DX

We drive manufacturing innovation, optimizing operations and supply chains to empower our customers to offer higher-quality products and services, revolutionizing their industry.

Connecting Everything

We understand the importance of connectivity. Whether it's leveraging IoT for smart devices, deploying FWA solutions, harnessing the power of cloud computing, or embracing Open RAN technologies, we're dedicated to connecting everything to drive innovation and create value for customers.

Humanizing AI

Harnessing the power of AI, we enhance human experiences and improve lives. Our AI-driven solutions not only automate processes and increase efficiency but also personalize interactions, augmenting human capabilities to deliver meaningful experiences that resonate deeply.

Game Changers

Through groundbreaking innovations and disruptive technologies like MACH principles and Headless Architecture, we inspire our customers to envision new possibilities, seize opportunities, and lead the way in their respective fields.

Positive Change

Digital inclusion, diversity, and sustainability - We use technology to drive positive change. Engaging with CSPs and subscribers, delivering personalization and customization solutions, we bridge digital gaps and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

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At MWC 2024 in Barcelona, join intive to explore how our expertise can propel your app-based services, telco operations, fintech solutions, media content delivery, and CSP offerings forward.

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