Munich, Germany – August 5, 2020 – intive joins forces with the NETZSCH Group, a global mechanical engineering leader. Together with their digital unit NEDGEX GmbH the company pushes the boundaries of intelligent industrial production in a future-oriented project. The two companies will work on automating and optimizing the quality assurance of manufacturing processes at NETZSCH customers’ production facilities. intive engineers are responsible for building a state-of-the-art cloud environment that will form the foundation of a new AI-enhanced quality control system. 

The NETZSCH Group is an international engineering company manufacturing instruments for testing and analysis as well as grinding and dispersing machines, and pumps. With headquarters in Germany, the organization owns 35 companies in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The devices and machines delivered by the family-owned company with a revenue of over 560 MEUR are used in numerous industries worldwide.

Mechanical engineering plants require strict, costly, and time-consuming quality assurance. The promising machine learning technology behind the latest NETZSCH endeavor is set to accelerate the slow and manual quality control procedures. Engineers of NEDGEX, the company’s digital innovation lab, are collaborating with intive’s cloud experts to launch the new automatic system that is a model example of a breakthrough industry 4.0 solution. The automated and integrated software will enable the manufacturer to run production at peak efficiency and with full reliability ensured by live, real-time data provided by built-in production line sensors seamlessly communicating with an intelligent, continuously learning cloud environment.

intive, globally recognized for its cloud expertise, is providing NEDGEX with an MVP version of the cloud environment, built on Amazon Web Services and containerized for full flexibility. “We chose intive as a partner for their proven track record in delivering excellent cloud services,” – says Christian Baier, Managing Director at NEDGEX. “We’re switching from laboratory-based measurements to a cutting-edge system with scalable online process analytics, and to be able to do it successfully, we needed top-notch cloud expertise.”  

“We’re very excited to join this revolutionary endeavor,” – says Stefan Reisinger, VP Sales – Head of Digital Products at intive. “Manufacturing based on real-time insights and instant quality assurance embedded in production lines are some of the most fascinating trends in Industry 4.0. Having a live status of the product and the machine, as well as a full overview of the whole line, translates into improved efficiency and optimized operations. I’m thrilled that our experts have been chosen to contribute to this amazing project.” 

About intive

intive is a global digital powerhouse headquartered in Munich, Germany. With a challenging, exploratory and agile mindset and international teams of software, design and business experts, intive partners with market leaders in accelerating digital transformation for products and services of tomorrow. intive’s solutions driven by world-class innovation add value along the whole application lifecycle – from product conceptualization to its maintenance. The company’s operations include 12 development centers and 6 design studios in Germany, Poland and Argentina, as well as regional offices in the UK and the USA. intive won the trust of the world’s largest companies such as Audi, BASF, BMW, Credit Suisse, Discovery, Disney, Esprit, Facebook, Google, ING, Viacom and Vorwerk.

About NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing

The Analyzing & Testing business unit of the NETZSCH Group develops and manufactures a complete high-precision instrument line for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties measurement, as well as offering world class commercial testing services in our laboratories. Our instrumentation is employed for research and quality control in the polymer sector, the chemical industry, the areas of inorganic and building materials, and environmental analysis. Instruments for controlling – such as for in-situ cure monitoring – complete our product line.


NEDGEX is the „new Edge“ in the DIGITAL STRATEGY of the NETZSCH Group. The Digital innovation lab NEDGEX returns to the entrepreneurial mindset of the NETZSCH founders and drives initial ideas to a certain maturity and create new data-based business models. Coming from a strong customer-oriented focus and high knowledge in applications & process engineering, we will create new digital benefits for our customers.

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