Digitalizing the Cable & Duct Industry in the Netherlands

GOconnectIT is a market-leading company that offers pioneering software solutions and services for the cable and duct industry in the Netherlands.
GOconnectIT chose intive as a digital partner to redevelop its core mobile apps and rearchitect the backend system, supporting the shift from paper-based, time-intensive workflows to frictionless digital processes.
Mobile Development, Web App Development, Cloud Computing, UX Design, QA, Innovation Consulting

Actionable data available to everyone


GOconnectIT facilitated the existing processes in construction projects by introducing two pioneering mobile solutions that enabled field service automation. With KLIC App, contractors gained instant access to precise location of cables and ducts below the ground. GMF App enabled technicians to create digital sketches. The two apps were accompanied by the GOconnectIT Cloud Platform – a web application for configuring user accounts. 

In search for a digital partner

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New digital products were game-changing, but experienced downtimes and offered no monitoring. Users reported long GIS map processing times and productivity issues like slow tenant deployment or difficult app customization. GOconnectIT teamed up with intive to redevelop and improve the core applications. 

Cloud mindset for scalability


The project required new system architecture for enhanced reliability and performance. The apps have been cloudified, made lighter, simpler, more user-friendly and scalable. A new central backend was developed within a couple of months. 

Tangible business gains

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The new advanced networking and load balancing services ensure faster performance, while cloud-based computing resources enable flexibility and continuous improvement of the products. The latest version of the KLIC App supports rich GMF files and offers an interactive view of cables and ducts location in the ground. GOconnectIT and intive are also testing AR solutions combined with a proprietary GIS system – why not have the pipelines projected on the smartphone screen in real time?

intive’s cloud mindset and engineering excellence have made a real difference to our business. We’ve improved the performance and reliability of our products and massively expanded our user base. But what I really value in this partnership is the ongoing commitment – we’ve been through some tough deadlines together, tech shifts and urgent product requirement updates. I know intive has our back no matter what challenges lie ahead.  

Peter van Dijk
Manager Product Development & Innovation, GOconnectIT

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