We live in a data-driven world, where connectivity goes beyond our homes and offices reshaping manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and increasingly smart cities. As a transformation partner, we enhance connectivity from chip to cloud, and our team of experts pinpoints the right technologies, platforms and processes for high-quality embedded engineering.

How AIoT will take productivity levels to new heights

Human productivity comes as the result of an intricate collaboration between...

IoT and Connected Devices


Ideation & Consulting

Boost your services with powerful connectivity, transforming your business and optimizing your processes to create meaningful long-term solutions. We identify all possible IoT applications in your domain, provide tech guidance, and an IoT strategy in line with your business goals.
Concept Generation
Context Analysis
Feasibility Studies

Embedded Engineering

Connected devices and systems require reliable software that communicates easily with various interfaces and networking protocols. We design, build, and test software and firmware for ultra-connectivity, easy integration, smart automation and data collection.
Firmware Development
IoT Module Development
IoT Data Visualization


Benefit from rapid application development and create with us the next disruptive IoT application. We will help you validate your business ideas with quick proofs of concept and prototypes, so you can move faster and innovate on the fly.
Rapid Prototyping
Custom-Built IoT Applications

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