Interconnected, complex systems and a wealth of intelligent devices create an unprecedented need for quality embedded engineering. Embedded technology transforms organizations, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. At intive, we enhance connectivity from chip to cloud, for industries ranging from automotive to lifestyle.

How AIoT will take productivity levels to new heights
Human productivity comes as the result of an intricate collaboration between...

Connect Devices and the Cloud


Ideation & Consulting

There are plenty of ideas for connected solutions and smart, controllable systems tailored for each industry and organization. We’ll advise you on the best tech approach and provide comprehensive design and engineering guidance. Discover the spectrum and potential of advanced connectivity.
Context Analysis
Innovation Consulting
Technological Guidance

Embedded Engineering

Connected devices and systems require reliable software that communicates easily with various interfaces and networking protocols. We design, build and test software and firmware for ultra-connectivity, easy integration, smart automation and data collection.
Network Devices
Firmware Development
Cloud Integration
Automotive Embedded Systems
Test Automation

Rapid Prototyping

Speed to market is a priority for many businesses, as they try to get a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. We provide rapid prototyping for instant idea validation and fast decision making.
Hardware Prototyping
Electronics Prototyping
Sensors Prototyping
Remote Monitoring
Delivery Automotive

Cheap sensors and improved wireless connectivity open up fantastic new business opportunities for all sectors. With our complex chip-to-cloud services, we enable organizations to use the trending technologies to their advantage and to experiment and rapidly test ideas.

Günter Knorr
Delivery Automotive

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