Innovation is at the core of disruptive new businesses. Our multidisciplinary teams will help you explore all the digital concepts and future ideas at hand. Seize innovative business opportunities and models and lean on us for design-driven tech solutions.

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Deriving Insight

To give advice, we first analyze the environment. We scout external factors, identify various trends and dive deep into your business processes. By building innovation portfolios for different market areas, we help our clients examine their situation and support them in their next steps.
Business & STEP Analysis
Innovation Radars

Envisioning Opportunities

To unlock innovation, we challenge everything, question narratives and follow bold ideas. We synthesize a broad set of options into a clear-cut selection of tailored solutions. To achieve that, we use various innovation methodologies tailored to your organizational needs and specific context.
Design Thinking
Business Design
Digital Strategy

Accompanying Innovation

Incorporating innovation into a company strategy is key for businesses transformation. Our experts help to deploy initiatives and accompany innovation. We’ll support you in implementing the right tools and methods for building and fostering a strong, data-informed transformation mindset.
Venture Design
Innovation Management
Director Business Design

Competing with digitally native businesses is possible and our customers’ success stories prove it well. Whether you’re looking to expand your digital presence, discover new business ideas or reshape the whole sector, we have the tools, experience and imagination. Don’t respond to change – drive it.

Sebastian Palus
Director Business Design

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