To make your digital products thrive you need not only creativity excellence, but a holistic 360º approach. Modern design has a big role to play here. When we craft your product or service, we aim to discover the fundamental human needs behind it and deliver the best experiences for your clients along with business growth and positive social impact.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Designing Vision

Our goal is to create the most exciting digital experiences for your end-users. Our data-informed approach leads to game-changing innovation and impactful business results. Get your hands on the best digital concepts in your domain.

User Research


Opportunity Mapping


Design Thinking

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Accelerating Innovation

Our iterative and innovative approach focuses on co-creating exciting concepts and turning them into feasible and shareable prototypes. As your digital transformation partner, we will turn a solid product plan into an invaluable experience.

Product Strategy


Rapid Prototyping


Design Sprints

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Empowering Products

Iterative prototyping, a clear strategy and defined goals are a solid foundation for efficient implementation and a quick product go-to-market. Together with you, we’ll finalize designs and bring visions to life in an agile environment.

UX/UI Design


Design Systems


Agile Design

Great design not only transforms products and services but untaps new opportunities and helps create meaningful relationships with customers. At intive, we can provide you with all the right tools and approach to convert your goals into real business value.

Johannes Dornisch
Design Hub at intive

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