The Nahual Educational Program

Making a lasting social impact

Launched by the founders of intive-FDV in 2006, the Nahual is a nonprofit voluntary project that trains people from the most vulnerable sectors of society, giving them the possibility to seek employment in the IT sector. Being one of the biggest open-source social projects in LATAM, so far it has empowered  more than 800 people with technical knowledge and practical skills in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico.  

By conducting nearly 20 courses per year, the Nahual educational program not only helps the people it trains, but also makes a positive impact on the development of the software industry and the education sector, contributing to the academic training of future tech professionals.  


Nahual’s roots

Nahual began in 2006 in a soup kitchen in Buenos Aires’ suburbs, where a group of volunteers carried out their first coding lesson for young people from a disadvantaged neighborhood. Driven by passionate volunteers, the project had one main goal:  to make a real difference in the lives of people in need. Through the years, the organizers ran dozens of different courses, which allowed them to deeply connect with the community and find the perfect approach: software testing instead of coding. From 2011 onwards, the program officially focused on QA training – a direction that allows the majority of the attendees to find a job in IT and brings a positive change to the region. 

Marketing Executive at intive & Teacher at Nahual

The most incredible aspect of the Nahual project is that ex-students usually keep collaborating as teachers after they graduate, making the project sustainable. The impact for participants is much bigger than just learning: Nahual’s graduates become social activists with real power to uplift their communities.

Isaias Ariel Montenegro
Marketing Executive at intive & Teacher at Nahual
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Long-term cooperation: 2020 and beyond

2020 has been an extremely challenging year for everyone. It is times like this, though, that give us a chance to show solidarity, drive community-powered social impact and create a real lasting change. 

This year, intive decided to donate 10.000 USD to the Nahual Program in Argentina in the name of its customers. This donation will directly support the Nahual Program in its mission not just to educate, but also achieve the highest employability of all the people it trains. The organization will ensure that trainees get the right infrastructure, teaching, and support to get access to the best QA job offers on the market. 

Follow this space for updates on Nahual’s activities and information on how the donation helped drive digital inclusion. 

Whether it’s big or small, every contribution makes a difference: