The automotive industry is undergoing its biggest transformation in over a hundred years. Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electrification – or C.A.S.E. – are dictating the sector’s future direction. By designing and engineering cutting-edge solutions with end-users in mind, we help automakers manage the increasing tech complexity and remove barriers to guarantee a seamless and exciting automotive user experience.

How intive’s SIMBA framework is moving automotive software development into a new lane

The automotive software market is growing at an impressive speed – predictions...

Driving the future of the automotive industry

As a longstanding and certified development partner of leading global automotive manufacturers and suppliers, we understand how our customers view the potential – and the uncertainty – of the industry’s future. Our expertise in advanced cloud, AI, software development, and UI/UX design technologies means we’ll be alongside you for the entire journey.

Our Customers

New technologies and changing consumer attitudes mean automotive manufacturers and suppliers face a whole new way of working. With our industry heritage, human-centered approach to innovation and deep understanding of the latest digital developments, we can support these businesses as they explore this exciting new future.

Christian Seidl
VP, Head of Global Business Unit Automotive
Shaping the Future of the In-Car Experience

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