Audi & intive: Shaping

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In-Car Experience

“intive's expertise in HMI and infotainment software development allowed them to deliver desired results within short time and also respond to any challenges or new requirements very quickly. Our collaboration has been very successful over many years thanks to their expertise and agility.”

Mark Poguntke,

Head of Development UX/UI Concepts at Audi

Image Source: Audi Media Center


Audi partnered with intive to create, evaluate, and develop different human-machine interface (HMI) concepts and design approaches using an iterative process. These concepts needed to be based on interactive HMI simulations presentable in an appropriate environment.


Audi AG

Headquartered in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany, Audi AG is known for sports vehicles, high-quality engineering, and progressive designs. The Audi Group is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles in the premium segment.




Iterative HMI and Infotainment Software Development, creating simulation use cases for upcoming features, integrating the simulation into prototype vehicles or driving simulators, and connecting it to the hardware infrastructure.

Long-Time Partners Drive the New Age of Mobility

With digital transformation and rapidly changing vehicle cockpits, automakers need to focus on creating advanced HMIs. Currently, HMIs are incorporated in every possible touchpoint to assist drivers and passengers in controlling Infotainment and ADAS applications. And as the demand for ADAS constantly grows, so do customers’ expectations.

In an ever-evolving transportation landscape, many OEMs must leverage cutting-edge technologies and invest in high-tech solutions to stay competitive and establish their market presence.

For several years, intive’s output is being used to make decisions that shape the UI/UX of the upcoming car generations. In this long-standing partnership, intive is creating, evaluating, and developing different HMI concepts and design approaches in an iterative process. 

Relevant Experience in HMI and Infotainment Software Development

intive has years of relevant experience in the development of HMI prototypes and solutions, which have been successfully used in many high-volume vehicles of market-leading manufacturers, making it an attractive, competitive choice to start a long-standing cooperation. As a certified development partner of leading global automotive manufacturers and suppliers, intive has a deep understanding of how customers view the potential – and the uncertainties – of the industry’s future.

Following the principle of Digital Automotive Excellence, intive is working towards developing premium HMI Simulations for the leading OEM as one of its main development partners. With extensive experience, agility, and cutting-edge technologies, intive is helping Audi to shape the future of the automotive industry. The intive team provides a proprietary framework which enables the necessary speed for rapid prototyping. This OEM unspecific framework serves as a versatile and reusable toolbox for future infotainment systems.

Building Collaborative Teams for Effective Automotive Production

Throughout the cooperation, the intive team consisted of experts from various fields, with the number of people adjusted according to the project phase. Adapting the team constellation allowed intive to deliver pragmatic solutions to quickly changing requirements in a dynamic and hyper-agile project environment.

intive supports Audi throughout all phases of development, from idea to series production, with its team of up to 20 people, including:

- 2D/3D Artists

- UI/UX Designer

- App Developer

- Embedded specialists

- Mechanics and electricians

- XR specialists

- Driving Simulator Specialists

intive not only worked closely with the leading OEM but also cooperated with partners and subcontractors in the area of hardware and construction to help with the integration of third-party components and prepare prototyping vehicles. The intive team collaborated with research institutes in client studies around the globe as well as a modeling company, which created various interior models and demonstrators for studies and testing purposes.

Furthermore, intive maintained and developed driving simulators while integrating its own simulation in a virtual environment. Establishing good communication and relationships with all parties involved in the project was one of the many factors contributing to the successful cooperation.

The Core Technologies Behind the Project’s Success

The project was based on a state-of-the-art tech stack and communication tools. A well-defined project structure, as well as comprehensive time and resource plans, were indispensable too. intive’s tech stack included EB Guide Studio, WPF, Unity 3D, Angular, HTML5, and Android Automotive. These technologies were utilized to produce a highly adaptable solution that met changing project requirements.

Specifically, the project relied on intive’s internally developed framework, which enables the creation of complex applications from existing building blocks, rather than requiring an entirely new implementation. Additionally, intive was able to offer a complete package of products and services, ranging from mechanical and electronic construction to hardware integration and UI development. This streamlined approach helped shorten development times, further driving the project's overall success.

Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life: HMI Development with intive Automotive

As a company focused on turning concepts and designs into an experienceable simulation, intive was actively involved in all parts of the project. intive further developed the current simulation on all relevant user interfaces, with features such as multilingualism, text input methods, scaling for large and small displays, animation of transitions, and an interactive map with route guidance.

Integrations of services such as media, contacts, destinations, and maps, as well as software updates, were also part of the project scope. What’s more, the project involved hardware integration, including communication with in-car systems, implementation of car-specific protocols, and the capturing and processing of car-model-specific signals.

Throughout the project, intive had access to both the car and driving simulator, providing technical support during studies, creating traffic scenarios and maps, and further developing the software infrastructure. In addition, Stock Touch Devices ensured that simulations were embedded in an appropriate environment.

The intive team was also involved in car reconstruction. The team managed prototypes, provided technical and mechanical support for interior mockups as well as constructing mobile presenters. intive experts utilized tech scouting tactics to recommend ideal technologies, tooling, and frameworks for each project’s requirements.

The Bigger Picture: A Smarter, Safer, And More Enjoyable Driving Experience

Good task prioritization, close collaboration with the leading OEM as well as a proven and agile development process allowed intive to achieve the project’s objectives with precision and provide desired results at an early stage of cooperation. The intive team created a robust system as a decision base for the production phase, improved the usability and UX of the product, and brought Audi’s concept and design ideas to life as quickly as possible and in an iterative process.

The development was enabled and driven by interactive HMI simulations, resulting in an instant synergy between the driver and the vehicle, that made the in-car user experience not only far more enjoyable but also safer by assuring distraction-free driving.

Because intive worked on a lot of studies dealing with assistance systems, the project also contributed to increased general road safety. The integrated HMI and Infotainment systems provide drivers with quick access to important information without causing distractions. And with real-time information about traffic and road conditions, drivers can find the perfect route for their journey.

HMI’s modern and user-friendly designs make it easier for the car user to operate them and enhance the overall driving experience. Additionally, infotainment systems provide various entertainment options to make even the longest journeys a comfortable voyage. Each option can be customized to suit individual preferences, so the information and features are always relevant to the driver.

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