HMI & Infotainment

From the idea to production: HMI development with intive

We bring your ideas to life using prototypes, car bodies, HMI simulations, and in the driving simulator.

We have developed a stock of ready-to-use components for presenting functions in many successful projects. Our service portfolio ranges from simple media players to complex navigation systems. Furthermore, our designers create 2D and 3D graphics for your project. From the PC simulation to the fully integrated multimedia system in the vehicle, we deliver high-quality simulations of your functions in a short time.

Technology scouts advise you on the latest technological trends in the market. Our experts support your product development process from the initial idea to series implementation.

Fields of excellence

  • Construction and mechanical modification of the interior

  • Prototypes, mock-ups and ready-to-use components

  • High quality 2D & 3D visualization

  • Experience and interaction in VR & AR

  • Creation, maintenance and further development of driving simulators

  • Implementation of Usability & Likeability Studies

Our success stories

Shaping the Future of the In-Car Experience

We're able to deliver the whole HMI lifecycle, starting from your first Wireframes over the first interaction while driving in virtual reality through the integration and connection to real cars until running your system on target hardware.

Alexander Geilfuß
Domain Director HMI

How a development with intive benefits you

Access to extensive experience

intive has many years of experience in the development of HMI prototypes in the automotive sector. Our developments are used successfully in many high-volume vehicles of market-leading manufacturers.

Support from idea to series production

intive supports the development with its experts. Our team supports clients through all phases of development and enables cost reductions as a result of full implementation from a single source.
Development results

Early-stage development results

intive supplies assessable results at an early stage thanks to a proven and agile development process. We are able to respond to changed requirements immediately and to achieve our clients’ objectives with precision.

Short development times

intive contributes to very short development times using Simba – our product building block system. Entirely new implementation of complex applications is not necessary, in most cases these can be created from existing building blocks.

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