Cookidoo® Digital Recipe Ecosystem: cooking reimagined

Founded in 1883, Vorwerk is a family business and an international corporate enterprise focused on simplifying homes with high-quality, long-lasting solutions.
The company, based in Wuppertal, Germany, joined forces with intive to bring its premium multifunctional kitchen appliance – the Thermomix® – into the new era, by creating a digital ecosystem called Cookidoo® to enrich the complex Thermomix® experience.
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Thermomix® kitchen revolution

Thermomix® kitchen revolution

Back in the ’70s, the first model of Vorwerk’s Thermomix® defined ‘multifunctional’ for cooking appliances, simultaneously blending and cooking to save both precious time and counter space. With every iteration the product gracefully left the competition behind. Extra features were added one by one, until Thermomix® became the world’s most intelligent food processor.

Cookidoo® – the game changer

Cookidoo® – the game changer

Vorwerk’s company mission is to provide superior products and services with a human touch. intive’s teams translated this approach into design and development of Cookidoo®: a dedicated recipe platform and the accompanying mobile apps that extend the user experience beyond the Thermomix® device, turning cooking and meal planning into pure pleasure.


Leveraging connectivity

With a user-centric perspective behind each decision, intive has worked with over 200 Vorwerk experts and multiple suppliers on digital interconnection of cooking, planning and shopping. Cookidoo® users can easily explore culinary ideas, add their favorite recipes into the weekly planners and create shopping lists. The mobile app keeps track of all the cooking plans, which takes the routine and stress out of meal preparation.

Powered by the cloud

Powered by the cloud

The architecture of the Cookidoo® platform is based on self-contained systems that serve as independent web applications. Together, these form a flexible, scalable and reliable system. Once again, intive trusted Amazon Web Services and the Red Hat® OpenShift® Kubernetes platform to guarantee short application development cycles.

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