Tandem Bank is a British challenger bank, known for using digital technology to connect with customers in whole new ways.


Tandem Bank partnered with intive to work on a selection of cutting-edge banking services, which aim at simplifying and personalizing finance management.


Product Development, Mobile App, UX, Backend, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data


Financial Services

Tailored finance for everyone

Being a challenger bank, Tandem focuses on creating banking services that can improve people’s finances in the long-term perspective. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to delivering on customers’ needs nowadays – people, especially millennials, expect fully personalized solutions.

Tailored finance for everyone

Rethinking the banking together

For over 5 years now, Tandem and intive have been working closely on the selection of frictionless banking services, including the bank’s flagship product – the Tandem app. Accelerating the “lifestyle banking” trend, dev teams focus on the constant improvement of the customized financial management features as well as creating the most secure payment processes for bank’s clients.

Rethinking the banking together

Better insights – better decisions

One of the most substantial parts of the Tandem app is its budgeting feature. Using AI-driven analytics, Tandem and intive’s specialists extract valuable insights from this huge amount of data. That allows the bank to match user needs on a very deep level, providing them with information about their spending habits and giving helpful tips on saving money.

Better insights – better decisions

Developing state-of-the-art products requires not only constant innovation and focusing on the user's needs, but also the right technology business partner, who shares the same vision and values. Together with intive we were able to build an incredible, well-integrated team to create a perfect digital banking experience for our customers.

Paul Clark
CTO at Tandem Bank

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