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As the world moves deeper into the Industry 4.0 era, digitalization drives changes in all areas of the value chain. Huge advances in data processing, computing power, and connectivity are pushing companies to explore new business models and services, up to complete transformation into digital-first, self-sufficient ecosystems. Keeping pace with the times, we’re ready to discover and analyze problems to integrate innovative solutions into your operations and infrastructure. Leveraging our expertise in cloud computing, mobile, IIoT and the latest design methodologies, we transform industrial systems to help enterprises gain a competitive edge on the market.

Transform the core and future-proof your business

Industry 4.0
Developing cutting-edge industrial solutions to improve your organizational operations, productivity and innovation
Cloud & Edge Computing
Ensuring security, stability and scalability by defining cloud adoption strategies and building cloud-native applications
Smart Factory & IIoT
Extending classical manufacturing practices by digitally infused, connected and flexible solutions
Chemical Formulation Management
Creating, modifying and testing formulas with smart, user-friendly digital tools to improve the decision-making process
GIS Mapping Solutions
Reliable digital systems for fast and efficient localization of assets
Predictive Maintenance
Analyzing your production data to prevent asset failure, increase efficiency and optimize maintenance
Digital Farming
Digital-based farm services to facilitate agronomic decision making, improve productivity and optimize crop management
Digital Twins
Achieving manufacturing excellence through replications of your products and assets in a digital landscape
Service & UX Design
Investigating specific needs in the industrial domain to create human-centered solutions
Data Monetization
Identifying and leveraging data to generate monetary value with advanced analytics, machine learning and AI

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VP Sales, Products

Our experts are committed to changing the industrial landscape, encouraging companies to grow beyond traditional business models. By developing exceptional digital solutions, we enable forward-thinking organizations to be more human-centric, better address customer needs, manage data, optimize performance and drive profitability.

Stefan Reisinger
VP Sales, Products

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