The NETZSCH Group and intive: an Ultimate Turn to Smart Manufacturing with sensXPERT

The NETZSCH Group is an international technology company manufacturing instruments for materials testing and analysis, grinding and dispersing machines, and pumps.

intive and NETZSCH partnered up to optimize the production processes in the plastics industry with a solution that combines innovative sensors, advanced machine learning and state-of-the-art cloud software.


Cloud Computing, Data Science, Machine Learning, UX, UI



Material science goes digital

Material science goes digital

Until recently, polymer and polymer-based composite manufacturing required strict, costly, and time-consuming quality assurance. As of now, the situation has changed. The NETZSCH Group has come up with an innovative sensXPERT product that pushes the boundaries of intelligent plastics production by combining real-time material data from sensors with advanced analytics and ML algorithms.

Real-time process optimization

sensXPERT helps optimize plastics production, streamlines downstream quality control and generates transparency. Batch data, material deviations, climate factors, impurities – all are taken into account. The software helps reduce the error rate in plastic production, significantly increasing the efficiency of manufacturing operations.

sensXPERT view1.png

User-centered design

User-centered design

intive’s UX team created the sensXPERT’s workflows and customizable dashboards that radically improve the experience of users who manage large volumes of data. In 2021, sensXPERT’s outstanding design was nominated for the UX Design Award in the “Product category”. The project captured the attention of the jury with its focus on simplicity, traceability and easy access to data offered to users.

A step forward to a smart future

A step forward to a smart future

Five high-ranking industrial companies currently rely on sensXPERT as pilot customers. This phase is crucial: The companies have recognized the multifaceted benefits sensXPERT offers and have taken a decisive step towards digitization and automation of production. They also can communicate upgrade requests, giving the development team user-centric insights into the product.

With intive as a partner, we felt confident about investing in digitalization. intive’s extensive tech expertise has helped us develop a smart, AI-enhanced solution that drives efficiencies in plastics production. Together, we’ve tapped into industry 4.0 and created first-class customer-centric software for the manufacturing sector.

Dr. Alexander Chaloupka
Head of Product and Solutions sensXPERT at the NETZSCH

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