ARRI & intive: reliable digital monitoring for studio lighting systems

ARRI is not only renowned as a leading manufacturer of camera and lighting systems, but also offers innovative, holistic solutions for the global film and broadcast industries through its dedicated division, ARRI Solutions.

At the end of 2020, ARRI selected intive as a full-service partner to design and develop multi-layered, web-based software solution to ensure highly flexible and reliable monitoring for complete lighting solutions in content production studio environments.


Business Analysis, Solution Design, UX Consulting, UX Design, Solution Architecture, Front-End Engineering, Back-End Engineering, QA, DevOps.



Modernizing studio-based lighting control

ARRI Solutions’ engineers recognized a requirement from broadcast and production customers for automation within futureproofed studio-based lighting workflows, and at the end of 2020, selected intive as a full-service partner to bring this insight into a full solution design. Within the design phase, the team agreed the initial focus would be on a solution to support monitoring for large-scale studio lighting systems.

From a technology perspective, the solution had to accommodate for a large number of lighting and lighting support devices, many of which rely on legacy technologies, that have reduced bandwidth and are not in sync with today’s common network systems.

Multi-layered application

Multi-layered application

intive’s development expertise would provide best practice for building a multi-layered, web-based software solution to ensure a highly flexible and reliable application for broadcasters, media, and production facilities.

The back-end is written in Kotlin with Spring Boot. As a storage solution we are using H2 Database. The front-end is developed in TypeScript with React & Redux, and the client is packaged as an Electron appliance.

Central monitoring and fault detection

Central monitoring and fault detection

ARRI LightNet was launched in 2021. The platform enables central monitoring and fault detection for complete lighting solutions in content production studio environments, independent of location. Alongside established monitoring systems for audio and video, ARRI LightNet now provides this important functionality to lighting networks.

Broadcasters can use the tool to monitor lighting fixtures, lighting control desks, network switches, DMX splitters and DMX nodes. Studio engineers can apply the same workflows that they are used to from other AV specialisms to the lighting system, ensuring smooth operation of modern production environments, where IP-based and DMX-controlled lighting systems are supported.

A future-proof solution

The software is compatible with hardware from various manufacturers, as well as established lighting protocols, and can be retrofitted into existing studios and lighting systems. The central back-end of the system can run on any high-performance computer or virtual machines that are connected to the lighting network. The front-end can be accessed from anywhere – remotely via VPN or locally – by any PC, laptop or even tablet devices. The platform can be integrated into central monitoring systems, such as Zabbix or Prometheus.

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