BlackBerry: a great case study of long-term cooperation

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BlackBerry is a leader in secure mobility, delivering solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide.


intive managed more than 30 business-critical projects for Good Technology including complex engineering, strategic planning and UI/UX design.


Mobile Development, iOS, Android, Windows, UX, Product Analysis


Technology, Media and Communications

A partner for good

In the rapidly evolving world of enterprise mobility, BlackBerry needed to augment its internal team with a development partner. In 2005 it sought a world-class software development company that could work with complex systems across multiple platforms, handle the entire product lifecycle, and offer a deep talent bench of flexible resources. intive turned out to be more: A long-term partner.

Multiple projects

intive teams managed more than 30 projects for BlackBerry. The company’s resource scalability, wide range of design and tech expertise, and dedication to excellence have made intive responsible for a variety of essential efforts: product analysis and strategic planning, UI/UX design, complex engineering for iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian, backend development, ongoing support.

The ROI results

More than 6,200+ companies around the world use Good solutions. The intive teams have fluctuated in size to address changing product development needs. This has minimized BlackBerry, HR efforts and workspace requirements by providing on-demand temporary engineering resources. First acquired by Motorola, and then sold to Visto, the division formerly known as Good Technology was purchased by BlackBerry in 2015 for $425 million and integrated in the BlackBerry product suite.

We were looking for a technology partner who could embrace our demanding system, deal with its scale and changing requirements, and accompany us in its smooth development. The intive team is always professional, active and available – and has handled emergency situations with ease. We particularly appreciate that we can trust intive equally in software engineering, tech support and UX matters. They have been an ideal partner - really listening to our needs and acting quickly to deliver solutions.

William Morris
SVP Engineering, Good division of Blackberry

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