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Deutsche Telekom is the largest telecommunications provider in Europe, headquartered in Bonn, Germany.
intive delivered a steady and performant TopApps application for a variety of Android versions
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Best apps under one roof

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With TopApps, Deutsche Telekom offers a selection of the best apps, highlights, and bargains at Google Play. intive realized the project for a huge variety of Android phones – from low to high-end devices. TopApps provides an ideal marketplace for the ones who want to find apps quickly by naming the “App of the Week” and the “App of the Month” as well as weekly rotating theme specials like driving, football or cooking.

One app for all Android versions

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The challenge was to realize animation-based UI similarly for all Android versions. This means that low-quality smartphones show the same smooth animations as high-end products. The TopApps´surface consists of several cards that open and close when touched. This process is visualized by an animation that reminds of a postcard being pulled out and put back into a postcard rack.

Creating a lean solution

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intive found a solution that results in an appealing movement and dynamic of the TopApps’ surveys. The expectations on a steady and performant app, which at the same time uses little resources, are especially high because the app is pre-installed on all Telecom-branded devices.

Efficient content management

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Everyday there are new updates that are researched, analyzed and evaluated by the Telekom editors. To make different kinds of data import possible, intive specifically created a CMS for Telekom. The intuitive UI ensures easy editorial work and enables quick content improvements.

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