intive people: Juliane Pawlow, Senior Developer Automotive

Name: Juliane Pawlow

Location: Regensburg, Germany

Role: Senior software developer

Expert at: Personally, I don’t like the word “expert” since one learns something new every day, especially in a fast-paced environment like ours. But I am really good at finding the best meme for every situation ;)

Favorite app: 9gag

Currently watching: “The good doctor”

Currently reading: “Esprit de Battuta” by Pamela Watson

Name 3 technologies that are a must-have for you as a software developer in the automotive industry.

Unity3D is definitely the most important one here. This is my everyday tool for simple 2D HMIs and complex 3D scenarios to even Virtual Reality applications. For us it’s not only a game engine, but the heart of all our projects, of course with its own rules sometimes, but with endless possibilities of tweaking for custom solutions.

To be able to collaborate in a team no matter how small or big, proper versioning is essential. Therefore Git (or GitLab in our case) is super important. Especially if your customer wants to see “that one project we worked on three years ago” ;)

And last, as mentioned before, my personal favorite: Virtual as well as Augmented Reality. This is no longer future technology; no, it already owns its place in the automotive sector. I am super curious about how more developed hardware will affect us in the coming years, developers as well as end-users. Can’t wait for a car with a fully augmented windshield or relaxing with my VR headset while being driven autonomously…

What would be your advice to high school students choosing towards being programmers/developers?

First of all, good choice! Don’t be intimidated by your new colleagues/fellow students, watch them, collaborate with them and learn from them. Programming is such a vast field, try out different areas, I’m sure you’ll find a technology that you are comfortable with.

What is the best place in the world you’ve ever been to?

The desert of Southern Algeria, where the rocks turn into dunes… Beautiful landscape, amazing starry nights, and so quiet that you forget about all the rush and hectic at home. A wonderful place to get grounded again and reflect on what’s actually important in life.

Do you have a work shortcut or productivity hack?

I am forever grateful for the IntelliSense feature in VisualStudio, this saved me countless of hours… But when it comes to productivity, instead of getting overwhelmed by the whole amount of work, dividing it into smaller chunks and “fighting them down” with the perfect epic soundtrack in the background makes it a lot easier. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help, colleagues are perfect rubber duckies 😊 They often have a different perspective and give great new input when you feel stuck at some point.

What is the most exciting part of working at intive?

Currently I am really excited about the new “work from abroad” policy, I will definitely try this out soon!

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