intive people: Łukasz Małek, Senior Software Engineer

Name: Łukasz Małek

Location: Toruń/Remote PL

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Expert at: React / Javascript

Favorite app: Duolingo

Currently watching: The last of us

Currently readingThe Fountainhead Ayn Rand 

Which tech trend are you excited about the most as a software developer?

I am excited about including AI in the process of implementation of websites and the design of them.

What’s your smartest work-related shortcut or productivity hack?

To improve productivity, I’m using work blocks. X time of intense working, Y time of relax

As a Team Lead, what makes a good team?

In my opinion the most important thing to build a good team is to create good relationships with team members.

What would be your advice to high school students choosing towards being programmers/developers?

This is not advice, because they already made a good decision, but I will say “This is the way"

What character from a book or a movie would you like to go for coffee or beer with?

For a coffee I would like to go with Steve Jobs. For me he was the real visionary of technology and how this technology can simplify our lives.

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