intive people: Mykyta Lazariev, Senior Software Developer

Name: Mykyta (Nikita) Lazariev // prefer to call me Nikita, Mykyta it's ukrainian way to write it

Location: Poland Wroclaw

Role: Sr. Software Developer

Expert at: Node.js, javascript, Web Development

Favorite app: Tilix, Postman, SmartGit, VSCode

Currently watching: - (nothing specific, mostly Ukranian news...)

Currently reading: Don’t Make Me Think (Steve Krug)

1. What makes you choose working with node.js, why that tech stack?

It is a powerful tool. I created an application to parse the web in search of an apartment. After a few lines of code and even fewer bugfixes (tweaks) I was able to find the flat in just 3 days. Using Node.js you can do a massive variety of things because of its flexibility. It’s widely used by many companies. And you can quickly and easily launch a tiny app to cover your needs.

2. What tools or tech features have you hated in the beginning and now you can't imagine working without them?

I would say AWS services. From the first look, it can be scary due to the variety of things and how things are configured. But when you already know what you are doing, AWS services can become your helpful friend.

3. What TV series keeps you awake at the screen and won't let you sleep until you finish the season?

Mr. Robot. I'm a fan of cyber security. And there aren't many films that show the real picture of how the hackers do their job. We all know the movies in which hackers break into security systems by quickly typing a lot of code on the screen. Magic, nothing more. But in real life, hackers need to do a lot of investigation and be patient. They also need to implement their social engineering skills to obtain certain information from people, unlike regular software engineers who dislike socializing in general.

4. What character from a book or a movie would you like to go for coffee or beer with?

Maybe it sounds banal, but if I had such a chance, I would have a coffee with Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I'm a huge fan of detectives. He would definitely have an extra story to tell. On my part, I would retell a couple of interesting bugs that was exposed by me. You know, same as Mr. Holmes, we also go through detectives during bug fixing ^^ We definitely won't be bored

5. Name 3 things that you like the most about being a Node js developer at intive?

1) First and foremost, the people. At intive I find lots of connections with people that I admire

2) Interesting projects that allow me to use my skills to their maximum to unravel my potential in software engineering

3) Opportunities that allow me to grow, learn new things and feel comfortable doing that, knowing that I have a broad playground for trying software skills I got along the way.

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