intive people: Patryk Ostrowski, Principal BA/PO

Name: Patryk Ostrowski

Location: Wrocław

Role: Principal BA/PO

Expert at: Diagramming, storytelling, asking questions

Favourite app: Drone radar

Currently watching: No time for that because of two little kids

Currently reading: TECH., Toxic debt of the 21st century, The Austrian school of economics, The bitcoin standard, Anthologie De La Poésie Française

What are the biggest challenges in the Business Analyst/Product Owner role?

For the team, you are the client’s representative; for the client, you are the team's representative, so you must sail two boats simultaneously – this gives you a broader perspective. In remote working time zones are the challenging factor.

Is your former experience working as a QA useful in your current role? And how?

Yes, significantly! I can consider the requirement s in a very detailed manner, ask precise questions about a single value or a single transition. Besides, having the QA technical advantage also helps me with planning things in the time horizon, considering not only the effort needed for testing, but also the time buffer for bug fixing – that may come the solution integrated with the core system. Yes, QA world still fascinates me and drives my actions on the product ownership side.

What was your favorite childhood game and why?

Contra on Pegasus. We used to organize contests with my friends from the neighborhood. Why? Missions that are neither too long nor too short, and the music!

Then the PC arrived...and train simulators became my favorite.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?

Definitely USA – I'd travel across the entire country to admire nature and get to know the local culture in each state.

What excites you most about working at intive?’s been 9 years since I joined, and I would say that the most exciting part is the continuous challenges, the variety of clients we work for, the international culture even inside of the organization and finally the possibility to develop in a lot of technical stacks.

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